Thursday, October 27, 2005

Something cool! Add me to your feeds

Add to My AOL

For those who keep track of websites and blogs threw a RSS feed.. click that and you will have my feed!  Something new I just found.. AOL is running a BETA My AOL.. that includes a RSS Feed.. that is easy as pie to update.  Click the

Add to My AOL and it will take you there and auto add me to your feed! This may also be a good idea to get into if your AOL Alerts are still acting wacky (like mine).  You can find any of your fav journals and your' RSS Feed by going to the veryyyyy bottom of the blog and clicking on the Get The Feed hyper link, then copy and paste the address it give you.

 I also have added it to my side bar about me section for any new comers who may want to use it too.  Boy that section is getting crowded.. I need to update it soon.


  1. I have never understood rss feed But I ll click on the button and see if it better understand by me

  2. hello ok no idea what you are talking about lol sorry computer illitruite lol thenk you for visting my journal i write in caps because of the color and i thought if it was bigger it would be easier to read sorry it is harder have a good night God bless kelley

  3. Hmmm well I believe I have a RSS feed through Bloglines, thats how I just arrived at your journal, your journal name was nice and highlighted for me. I don't know about trying something new, LOL I'm a bit chicken and I finally just got the whole bloglines thing working. LOL And I still can't keep up with everyone's journals. I must be the slowest person in journal world to visit all the journals I enjoy!