Friday, August 29, 2003

Advice Please part 1

My father died 8 years ago.  My Mom has remarried this summer but before she did she gave me my dad's flag she got from his funeral and her pictures of them together and all that stuff.  Well, my Mom and her new husband are going down this weekend.  I am very happy about this.  I have only met her husband once, at their Wedding.  He is a very nice man from what I have seen.  But my siblings don't like him.  My Mom says he is just very sensitive and takes awhile to let people in.  In my house I h
I have a whole shelf that displays my dad's flag with his picture and I also have their engagement picture on it with their anniversary picture.(kinda shrine-ish)  My question is, should i just for the time they are going to be here move it or should I leave it out of respect and cuz it is my house after all?  I do not want to offend my mother's husband at all and I know he is sensitive on this issue of us respecting him and I want to make him comfortable in my home. What do you think?

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