Thursday, August 28, 2003

Can't let it Go, Can you God!?

God isn't going to let this smoking thing go with me is he?! He has been dealing with me on it for years now but it has really become one of those things that rings out loud and clear and I can't stop ignoring or pretending or saying Oh ya I hear ya, I will do that, but not today, later. I even had a quit date that I was faithful to for about 2 1/2 days. I even went up before the whole church proclaiming I am going to quit and I know God has told me to do this and asked for prayer.
Suggest if you don't plan on following threw on something don't go and tell it everyone you know, cuz they will not forget as easily as you do and will ask about it every time they see you. Or better yet you will become the subject of a few sermons on Wednesday Night Service. It is not that I did not plan on following threw. I am still struggling and have the want to quit. Like Paul said "Why do I do the things I do no want to do." I know I should quit, I want to quit, but yet I still puff away at this cancer stick. Today I am going to examen why I started in the first place, what is keeping me from my goal of quitting and How I can rely on God to help and strengthen Me on this struggle. Because It has become apparent that God is not joking on this matter and that He wants to give me a break threw here and is not going to take me any further till I get past this.

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