Saturday, August 30, 2003

Shelf still looks nice

Last night I was talking it all over with my husband.  At first when I asked what I should do in regards to my shelf with my parents pics and dad's flag he said "LEAVE IT ALONE! WHY YOU THINK YOUR MOM SENT YOU ALL THAT STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE. If John doesn't like it that is his problem." I said true but I also told him the advice I was getting from Kathy and Jess and how Kathy did remind me that it will all burn in the end(I was chuckling over this).  He relized that I was realy stressed about this and was surprised that I had been mulling it over so much.  I said I just want John to feel as comfortable as he can in our home and that I want him to see that we will love him.  Josh was getting frustrated, guys don't like to get into all that ya know.  He said do what ever, I don't care!  I said I think I will comprimise and put away just the pic of mom and dad toghether and leave dad's flag and his pic up.  He agreed that was fine.  But I was hessitating and he got on me to do it now so I will be at peace and not so stressed over such a little thing LOL.  The shelf still looks nice, and I still am honoring my father.  Tue morning I will put back the pics of mom and dad toghether.  And hopefuly I will have a wedding pic of John and Mom to put up in the house soon.

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  1. Dear Huny:
    I think you concern about John is a wonderful thought. I also think that the comprimise was just the right touch. I don't believe that John (if he is as nice a person as you seem to think he is. And I am sure he is.) would not expect you to take everything down of your dad. I think he would understand that you have memories of good times with your mom and dad.
    But also plan to have good memories with your mom and him.
    Sisters in Jesus.