Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Prayer Group

I love my prayer group. It has grown so and I am blessed by it so much. I do wish that there was some more group participation on it. I know that everyone there has a heart for the Lord and I am sure even if they do not post they pray over the requests. There are more than 60 members and some of them I have never met before. So today I went to the member list and tried to IM some of the ones I have not chatted with before. LOL I am sure they did not recognize me and that is why they did not answer back, yet I wish they had.  It's ok.  I still love them as family in Chrsit. LOL  I should pray about it huh?  In stead of complaining I should take it to the one who Knows all and can do all.

Lord I lift up my prayer group to you.  You know each heart and each need on that group.  Lord I do pray for more group interaction, so that we can carry eachother burdons.  Lord for those who are strugling give them strenth.  Lord Bless this group and use us to be your intersesors.  Send to us those you would have us minster too.  Help Us to hear your Word and to be obediant to you.  Help us to live in your will for us and to know what that will is.  May we not do it on our own but only how you would have us do things, do be guided by your Holy Spirit. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY, AMEN.


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