Tuesday, August 26, 2003

A Dream is just a Dream

Had one of those crazy dreams this morning. The kind you wonder about where that came from?? It was about a certain friend to a certain Husband. Nothing steamy happen but it was still the kind of flirty dream that makes your heart go thump thump and you want to sleep in to see what happens next. And Of course when the good parts happen you wake up. I way over slept and had about 20 min. to make sure the kids where all ready for school and to get them to the bus. 

It all wasn't flirty and I can see that maybe it was the kind of dream you have when the Lord wants to reveal something about your heart to you or about that the person you are dreaming about.  I don't want to linger on this dream too much, for realy that is all it was.  But still it was the kind that makes you go hummmmmm and put a secret smile on your face. :)  LOL

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