Wednesday, August 27, 2003

And the Darkness comes closer

AOL News: Workers Move Ten Commandments
What an upside down world we live in. That the rediculus has taken place. What are these judges thinking? Or are they? Do they even read the law that they are to uphold? Do they even read the history of that law that they are to uphold? Looks like the darkness is comeing and coming fast. Soon it we will see the deep pursuction that is talked about in Revelatons. Don't be surprised or in shock when you have to regester being a Christian and thought of as a Cult. Or dont be surprised when the goverment
makes it so hard for us to assemble to worship in public, that jail time will be threatened. And down the line it goes till the beheading starts for not taking a mark so you can buy and sell. Look up for our Redemption Draws Neigh!


  1. Part 2 (darn limitations) They didn't mind having pray in school or for that matter the Pledge of Alligance. What has happened and why the sudden change, it worked for us and look how we turned out. We never had issues in school with guns and violence, now they want to remove things and the problems start.. That should say something right there.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my journal. It is hard to believe how things have changed. I mean when we were growing up, people never thought to question such things as religion, and what the Bible has taught us. See part 2 ran out of room.......