Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Busting a Gut

Ya know I have not said anything to Josh about this little thing going on in my Journal about a dream I had. Today when he got home from work I asked him if he saw Staurt at work.(Thinking that on the off chance Kathy said something to John and John said something to Stewlol) And Josh sighed and with a smile counted on his hands how many times today he saw him. (in my head I thought oh no here comes the jokes) It was all buisnes though, cuz that is just how Stuart is at work I think. Whewww. Anyways..

Kathy is so funny and just can't let this go.Glad she is getting such a kick.Tonight at chruch ya know the gang was alll there and it was Awesome Worship and good message(have to do a post about that later)Some times the mic gets passed around if you have anything to say and Good old Stew almost always does,he went into talking about a dream he had(not like the one i had)and Kathy and I exchange glances and each of us is turning red and about to bust a gut inside.About time to put this dream topic to bed lol and move on cuz if taken out of context I could see how things could look bad and I will end up very embarassed!! ROTFLMBO Besides, for real, IT WAS NOT STEW, IT WAS ABOUT SOME ONE WITH HAIR! LOL

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  1. I don't think that you have to worry about anyone taking anything out of context Mar, we all know and love you!! It was the thought of you (of all people) having a dream like that, it just cracked me up. I had a dream like that a couple years ago, but it was about some star- it wasn't anyone that I even find attractive. It was so weird, I think no matter how bizarre a dream is, they make us question things. You know like "Where did that come from?"