Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Names Part2

(My second oldest daughter)
Origin: Latin Meaning: Variant of Ann Biblical; devout woman who saw infant Jesus presented at the temple in Jerusale Daughter of Dido. Origin: Biblical Meaning: Gracious; one who give. That is cool.  And very fittin for her.LillyBea: Lilly is a perty flower and stands for purity and we know what bea means.  I know kinda vain to name her partly after me.  But If I didnt who would right.Sophia: Latin for wisdom or wise.  I hope so.(my husband)Joshua: Origin: Biblical

Meaning: A savior; a deliverer.  Fitting for for my hubby!(My Brother)Thomas:

Origin: Biblical

Meaning: A twin.Wonder if Tommy was ment to be a twin??? LOL


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