Monday, August 25, 2003

My open Journal

Found this cool little journel builder on aol and thought I would give it a try.  I have seen them before, can't say I really have read them so i dought anyone will read mine.  I see you can easly add to it from IM so that will make updates easy for me.  Who knows what I will put but I think I will make it an honest diary and what I write will be stright from my head as if I was truely writting in a paper jounel.  The only frustrating thing about this is no spell checker! Oh well, I said in my about me section how bad a speller I am. 

Diarys and Journals are a touchy thing for me, when I was in Jr. High I kept one and put EVERYThing in it.  I was crushed when a situation came up where my friends read it and it got past around and I was made fun of.  I think for this reason is why I have always had trouble keep one. So for me to have this online one is like taking control and letting it all hang out so the threat is gone and who ever can read it.

That is it for now but I know more will be added soon.  I have lots of thoughts and rants to put up ya know lol.

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