Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Names and thier meaning

Thought it would be intresting to look up what some of the names that are important to me mean.   (MY NAME) Mary Biblical meaning Rebellion, Bitter and sweet Hebrew for wished for child. Bea diminutive from Beatrice: bringer of Joy Latin
Bea (Beatrice) Latin for She who blessess.
I thought that is perty cool cuz you know that fits me to a T.  Maybe there is something to this name thing.?
(My Sister's Name) Marcella Latin for Warlike lol That is so funny!!(My son) Zane orgin English variant of John orgins Hebrew: Gift from God.  So true and I kinda new that when I named him, I wanted to name him Jonathan, so i got my way anyways! LOL

Ugh I will have to do a part 2 because space is limited.  That sucks.

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