Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Who is starring in Kathy's dreams?????

This is so funny, my dear friend Kathy's responce to my dream entry:

Hey Mary- Was that dream about Stuart???!!! Hee Hee- I am ROTFL I am just

picturing that dream.......you having it.......and laughing!!!!! Chris G and

I were talking about this Friday night.....shame on you!!!....Sorry I can't

stop laughing........Love you!!! Kat

LOL that is soooo funny. Why would she think I was dreaming about Stew??? LOL I think some one is projecting here hummmmmm???

And no it was not Staurt I had dreamed about LOL. Not that he has not been a star in a dream or two lol JUST KIDDING!!!! OMG NOW I AM BLUSHING. I DONT THINK MY HUSBAND WOULD LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING LOLO:-)

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  1. Mary is evil and not a nice person despite what everyone thinks of her!! JUST KIDDING, I will be laughing all day about this, I think that Mary may be deflecting to throw us all off as to who "the friend" really is. I on the other hand have not had any incriminating dreams. When I think about Mary of all people having that sort of dream it just cracks me up, I couldn't just let this go.