Monday, August 25, 2003

Chat tonight

Prayed for a girl named Jen. Met her in chat. ugh I hate chat sometimes but God seems to draw me right where he can use me. Jen IM asking if I felt like talking and she said that she feels like suicide. Going into it further she said she was 19 and feels like she is loosing faith in God. That he doesn't hear her prayers or knows what she is going threw. HOW SAD. But it is apparent to me that she is so sad because she has lost her first love and has put her bf before God. He has become an idle in her life. I hope she got some of what I said to her.  I will keep her and her boyfriend in my Prayers.  Lord touch her and draw her.  May she come to see you as the Lover of Her Soul and that she can trust you and your will for her life.  Touch her bf.  Draw him to you.  Save him,may he come to you Jesus and know you.  Heal this situation with Jen. You know the needs and you know how best to meet them.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen.

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