Friday, September 30, 2005

Secrets..shhhh.. Photo Challange.

#1 My crock pot.. a flylady tip is the crock pot is our best secret weapon.  Put it on in the morning and forget about all those worries about what to make for dinner

# 2 Tiger Box in dresser.  I am not telling what's inside because duh.. it is a secret.



This entry was indented for Sometime I think's photo challange that she gives each week.  I keep missing it and forgetting so I really thought hard this week on what I could do.  BUT after going back to post a link I find I did the wrong subject matter.. or had I?

There is another photo challange journal out there called Round Robin.  I must of read about it and this weeks challage and got it stuck in my head.  So I am post it there and at Krissy's., even though I am late for Round Robin. LMBO.. FIGURES! So go have fun.. check out the links and see the other ppl's photos.


  1. The problem with crock pots is you have to BUY the stuff that goes in them...somehow cereal just doesn't cut it in our crock pot.

  2. Ahh a secret box. I have a thing for boxes, and storing all sorts of little treasures inside.
    I need to look into the whole crock pot theory. Maybe, just maybe that would be my style of cooking........leaving it alone all day!

  3. Loved your pictures and your explanation; I think Krissy's photo theme this week was bracelets because I didn't submit one because I don't have any bracelets.

    I think, as you said, secrets was for the round robin. I'll check out the other pictures there.

    The crockpot is my best friend on busy days.


  4. Saved the link you left on my journal and have finally got round to finding you. Glad i did, sticking you on alerts.

  5. Do crock pots work well?  Are they easy?  Maybe I should get one.


  6. hum now Im t hinking food

  7. hmmnnn........smells good!  
    and can't wait to see what's in the box!
    I'll be back....
    Gem :-)