Thursday, July 14, 2005

Count down and counting blessings.

Many many updates to make.  With Josh home my computer time is more than cut in half.. but that is a good thing lol.

My Darling did make it home safe, despite his truck breaking down somewhere in Poesy, IN (I think).  WE found out that our insurance DOES NOT cover paying for rental cars if our car is only broke down and not in an accident .. but will cover us in a rental car so we don't have to buy the extra insurance.  I am not sure what is wrong with his truck and if it is worth saving but he will probly be heading back that way this weekend to fetch it and take back the rental.  My van is in getting fixed and that is going to cost $550.  This has turned into an expensive week!  And pretty much ate into most of what we had put aside for moving.  It is a good thing Josh has all this side work lined up and that all our closing costs are being paid by the seller and finance company.

Papers are all signed for the new house and we have a final walk threw Monday at 1:00 and scheduled to close on the 27th at 11:00. (that is on Sophia's birthday and Josh's is on the 28th) They gave us one of the flyers for the house with the words SOLD in big red letters acrossed it.  I have it up on my refrigerator and am tempted to post it here, but I will wait till we actually close.  Every time I walk past the fridge I marvel  at that house and that it is really going to be ours!  We were at Lowe's yesterday just "looking" at mail boxes and some other small things we are going to need.  They have these nice plaque name plates you can put on your house or around it with your name and the date your homestead was established.  I started to cry thinking about one for OUR HOUSE, WITH OUR NAME, AND THE DATE WE CLOSE, on one of those plaques.  I have been trying not to get too excited, not to dream too big, in fear that it will all fall threw and we end up not moving into our own house.  I guess it is all starting to hit me that it IS GOING TO HAPPEN and it is all more than I ever dared to dream about. 

Also posted on our fridge is a letter from the Union's Apprentice School stating that Josh has completed the program and he will advance to Journeymen July 19th (this Sunday!)  It has taken 3 years to get to this and Josh has worked very hard.   Living on apprenticeship wages has not been all that easy but there has been many lessons learned during this time of trail and fire.  And I still remember how excited I was when he went into all this and how I ask for the Lord to use this time to grow us and provide for us and give us Peace threw it all.  And he has!

A raise in pay and status!  And a new house that is so awesome any house we will ever look at can never compare.  ALL IN ONE MONTH!  God has blessed us so much and when I think about how far he has taken me and my family I just have to Praise him from a heart busting with Thankfulness and Awe.


  1. Great news!  BTW, I am less than an hour from Poseyville, Indiana - if that's where he was (southern Indiana). :)

  2. congrats and take pics and make it a journal al along as you go with it. It will be neat to look back at really it wil and We will love being happy with you.