Tuesday, July 5, 2005

What I did over my 4th of July Holiday Weekend (doesn't that sound like a 2nd grader's report title)

Josh's mom and Uncle Bob got to our house just around noon Saturday.  Ofcourse they were worn out by the 3 hour car ride with no air conditioning.  So the kids put on the new movie I got for them (The Pacifier) and watched it with them.  When the little ones took a nap, Ruth and I ran to the store and a trip to Wal-Mart. 

I took every one out to Old Country Buffet for a really filling lunch. Afterwards as we were sitting around visiting back at the house Zane made a comment about how well we all fit on our couch and that there was just enough room for one more.. Daddy.. if he was here. And we all made sad little face because Josh was still out of town for work.  About an hour after that Josh called us saying he was heading home for the weekend!! Some tool they needed broke and couldn't be replaced until Tuesday so they were released for the long weekend!  Six hours later Josh was back home from KY.  That made my weekend! Shoot that made my week!!

Sunday we all made it to church (on time).  I took more pics for my Pastor.  He is trying to put together a power point presentation and the last few Sunday's I have been taking some snap shots for him.  I thought I would share some with you guys.  After church we came home for a quick lunch and then went out to the couple of houses we were thinking of buying  to show Josh's mom.  One of the lot's we really wanted was just signed on so that knocked that one out of the running.  We did decided to make an offer on one that we really liked and would be finished being built by the end of the month.  I am SURE they are going to make a counter offer (probably wasn't a good idea for me to scold Josh in front of the sales agent about making such a low offer and that he should up the bid by 3,000 LOL but she did give me a funny look when I said He's the man and makes the decisions on these kinds of things), I should hear back today on that.  After we got home Josh asked me if I wanted that REALLY big on if they could get our payment down to what we wanted.  So here I thought we were all decided and he wants to debate more.  I am so DONE looking.. I just want to get on with the home buying process.  I think the one we signed on is a responsible choice and I love the big lot it is on BUT the other house is huge, a good investment, ready to move in and I really love the people we have been talking to, lol they are trying soo hard to get us into that house.  So we will see how that all works out.

We BBQ and had Birthday cake with HOME MADE Icecream Sunday night and also made strawberries for Monday to have Strawberry Shortcake. mmmmm After the kids went to bed Ruth and I went to work on the the craft I had asked her to help me with.  It became apparent that hot clue was not going to be enough.  Pouring on the guilt like only a mother could, Ruth talked Josh and Bob into going up to Wal-Mart and getting us a staple gun. Ohh it was sooooo classic!  She is soooooo good.."You know how guys are.. if it was a tool they needed they would run right away but because we are women they think we should make do with what we have on hand"  LMBO!!! Josh is such a good son anyway.. he would of done it with out the guilt I am sure.. FOR HER but if it was just me he would of said.. no way.. my shoes are already off and my butt is planted on the couch.  It never ceases to amaze me the way he jumps for his mother.. it is cute in a twisted way..and she is soo crafty, I am starting to miss the idea of her moving in with us.  But it is pretty much set in stone that she is moving back West.

Like the memory board we made??  I think it turned out really cute.  But Josh killed it for me when he said it looked like something for a baby's room and it was just a symptom of me being baby crazy.  I think I may give it away to the new baby at church then and make another one for me.  We also made smaller ones for the girls with lady bug ribbon but I didn't get snap shots of them.

WE stayed up into the wee hours of the morning talking with Ruth and planning what of her things we would like to take because she doesn't want to take alot of stuff with her on her move.  Looks like we are going to visit her in two weeks and are going to need a moving truck LOL.  I have insisted that we have our garage cleaned out before then so we can store stuff there before our own move.  A dumpster may be in order.

Monday we slept in late and had a nice lunch before Ruth and Bob had to make their way back home.  It was looking like rain and she wanted to get ahead of it.  So we had a teary good bye with lots of hugs and kisses.  Josh conveniently had to spend 20 min in the bathroom after she left.. I thinkhe didnt want me and the kids see him bawl his eyes out like a little boy but from the smell afterwards maybe he did just have to unload. : x  I talked him into going and getting us some fireworks.  In my best Bevis and Butthead impression I said "FIRE FIRE FIRE.." And after he was done laughing his butt off at me I gave him the big baby blue eyes and seductive eyebrow thing.  Plus we had a fireworks stand in walking distance and that made it less of a chore for him.

It never did rain and we were able to shoot of about $26 worth of fireworks and sparklers with the kids all excited.  Seems to me that sparklers used to last longer then they do now!  I took a mix of pictures with night vision and regular.  I never used the night vision before and wasn't sure how it would turn out... I think they all look pretty cool.  After all our fire works were done we sat on the front grass and watched the rest of our neighborhood's display.  After awhile of sitting as a family and enjoying the night Annie said "I know what I like best about family time... I love it when we are all together at once"  That made me tear up knowing Josh had to leave again for out of town.

Again Josh and I stayed up into the wee hours of the night and I had a hard time getting up this morning.  He was all packed and ready to go.  He made a few calls.. one to a mechanic he knows because over the weekend the power steering pump went out on my van.. I am out of commission until it gets fixed.  Then we woke the kids up so they could say good bye and we waved at him as he drove off.  Hopefully he will be back by this weekend.  I am telling you I am not cut out to be a traveler's wife and I am praying that he can get more work in town.


Now I am going to do the Saturday Six!!!  My question suggestion made it in this week! Whahoo..


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!  We were very laid back this weekend - and I loved it.  Family time is THE best time - no question.  

    Pictures?  Did you have pictures in this entry?

    You probably said once before, but I fergot - where in Ky is Josh working?  I work in Owensboro, so I's just wondering.  Gwynn

  2. well sounds like  nice weekend afterall. wow people are dressed up at your church. I often forget unless i go with my parnets how others dress up LOL cute pics though.

  3. I am so very happy for you that you had a good weekend........and especially that Josh got to come home!  (He didn't break that tool on purpose, did he?!) lol -  Barbara