Tuesday, July 5, 2005

This weeks Saturday Six.. I have to answer since my question made it in!

You know the drill.. Pat asks six questions.. we answer and leave a link in his comment section. It is ok to be late *wink* especially since it was a Holiday weekend. 

1. A stray dog wonders into your yard, obviously weak, hungry and thirsty.  He is a very friendly dog, but if you feed it or give it water, you know that the dog won't leave your yard and you'll end up keeping him.  If you don't help the animal, he might die.  What do you do? I would like to think any decent person would help a stray animal! I would welcome the mutt in and take it as some one's answered prayers.  The kids have been begging for a dog.  And if we had already gotten a dog and couldn't keep this one, I would at the very least feed it and take it to a shelter or try and find it a home.

2. You must lose one of the following:  a foot, a hand, an eye or an ear.  Which would you get rid of and why? I would rather not be the person making that choice.. leave it up to the torturers who want to do the hacking.  I think I could live with what ever was lost and learn to depend on the Lord even more for my needs.

3. Scalzi of "
By the Way" recently posted about the top unanswered questions in science today.  Click here and scroll down to the list of the top 25 biggest mysteries:  which one would you MOST like to have answered? I looked at the list and really most of those questions I either could care less about knowing the answers to or I Know the answer to them because of what God says,, and I trust what he has to say on those matters lol  But one that was cool was: What Are the Limits of Conventional Computing? I know we are going to be facing trends that are leading into using more technology.

Joe, our AOL Journals Editor, says blogs are boring:  either everyone talks about pretty much the same topics, or regular people lead dull lives, he suggests.  So what keeps you reading other people's blogs? I am a blog addict maybe?  I like to think of blogs as a way to connect with other ppl and ppl to connect with me.  Also I think you can learn a lot from other ppl and grow.  I guess it is more about community then anything else.

Lisa:  You are writing a bestseller book.  What kind of book is it (romance, mystery, science fiction, action adventure, historical, gothic, classic, fiction, non fiction, biography, other) ?   What is your main character's first name and the setting in which it will take place?  And give us a one sentence tidbit about the plot ...   I haven't touched my book in a longggg time.. thinking of just deleting it and starting over.  It started as some what gothic fiction (there are appearances of demons in it) but has evolved into romance. My main Character is Hannah who is just getting ready to turn 18 and break away from her conservative religious background and seek a music career. Settings are in Saint Louis and a trip across country to LA.  The working title to give you a clue about the plot is called The Prodigal Daughter.  I have been playing with the idea of just writing a somewhat Biographical book about my abortion and my now prolife work.

Mary:  Jim Elliot once said, "When it comes time to die...make sure all you got to do is die."  What do you have to do or would like to do before you die? Make a list of at least 6 things.  And since you made the list.. will  you actually try to accomplish those things? ohhh this didn't seem so hard when I first thought of it.  I saw it in the Laugh and Lift daily e-mail I get and knew it was a perfect question for the SIX. It reminded me of that comercial for a bathroom fixture company that shows an old women on her death bed and she was telling those around her that she did everything in her life that she could possible ever want to do.. and then she peeks into the neighbors window and sees the fancy bathtub and mutters and then passes. But also I liked this question because there are several journals and friends dealing with their mortality either because some one they know has died recently or they know some one or they themselves are facing an illness, so it has been on my mind.  I have been thinking about it for a week and this is what I have come up with.

1. Own a house and make it a nice home for my family.

2. Learn either Hebrew & Arabic or Greek so I can read scripture in it's org. language.

3. Go on a mission trip or live as a missionary in the Mid East.. this is where knowing Hebrew and Arabic would come in handy I think.  Or China.. I feel a draw there too.

4. Send my son to Collage and see my daughters get married to equally yoked husbands and maybe have lots and lots of grandchildren. (ofcourse if my daughters want to go to Collage too they can.. just saying we can't pay for both.. lol either a wedding or school, remember I have 3 girls!)

5. Go back to school and get a teaching degree and then become a teacher.

6. Finish writing at least ONE book and get it published.

and an extra..

7. Leave a legacy of Love. To be remembered as a women who loved the Lord with all her heart and served him well and shared that love with all those around her with the way she lived. To be remembered as a Mother who trained her children up in the way they should go and provided for their every need. To be remembered as a passionate wife who loved her husband madly and deeply.  To be remembered as the friend that was always available when ever she was needed. To be remembered as the sister who gave good advice and gave tough love because she cared.  To be remembered as the daughter who learned and grew from her past.  To plant seeds that will bear a harvest of souls won to the Lord and lives effected for his Glory.  To be remembered as not perfect but as ME. To hear when I see the Lord face to face.. "Well done my good and faithful servant"

That is a tall order.. I better get to work on that.


  1. Of cours you know dumb sucker me would help the dog!!!!!!!

  2. hey Mary....the website is up now so the link works in my journal.