Saturday, July 9, 2005

Saturday 6

You know the drill.. answer and leave in Pat's comment section.

1. How many mirrors are there in your home?  If you could go for the rest of your life without ever looking in a mirror (but still know that you hadn't missed a button or that your hair was disarrayed, etc.) would you? One in each bathroom, on in the girls room and two in my room on my dresser. 4 all together.  Since I have stopped wearing make up I hardly look in the mirror as it is.  Maybe I avoid the mirrors unconiously, afraid that I may not like what I see?? And when I do catch glimpses of myself I am surprised that I really am not as bad as I think I look. LOL stupid I know.  So maybe I could go the rest of my life with out looking in a mirror.. I am not vain.

2. What online abbreviation annoys you the most and why? IDK. (hahaha)

3. What do you hate the most in this world? Sin

4. You decide to go to your next high school reunion.  What do you anticipate would be the thing most people said about you behind your back? Boy she turned into a nut.. and what is up with having all those kids but her and Josh are so happy.. why cant we find love like that? LOL

5. You learn that because of some galactic mixup in fate itself, you must restart your life tomorrow in a new place.  You will emerge as a person with a unique past and won't seem out of the ordinary to those in the new place.  You will retain the experiences and memories of your past, but the people you are closest to will believe that you are dead and gone and you would be prohibited from contacting them.  Where would you go and why? What a terrible thing that would be!! I would rather just die. 

6. What are you most passionate about in this moment of your life and why? The End Times Message, the Return of Jesus Christ and praying for others.

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