Friday, July 1, 2005


Going threw my mail... Bills..Junk mail.. Ohh Josh's paycheck stub (whaahoo and I don't have to go to the bank.. his new company does direct deposit) Community News Paper.. a letter from AARP.. fliers.. more Bills.. WHAT.. WHAT'S THIS FROM THE AARP???

Dear Friend,

The reply by date on the membership registration form is important to you. Please mail your AARP Registration by that date.  You will qualify for very special benefits, privileges and discounts. (COOL! WHO DOESN'T LIKE SPECIAL PRIVILEGES?)

As you may know, AARP is a non-profit, non -partisan organization (YA WHAT EVER, AS IF) that welcomes everyone 50 and over. (I'm not even close to 50..WHY AM I GETTING THIS INVITE?)

The letter goes on to list their services and how this is just a great organization to be apart of. *humf*  Who's data base did I get in that says I am even close to being 50?!  And what a waste of paper!  I am growing concerned about my identity as well.  A few weeks ago I got a call from a company saying an applicant had put ME down as a reference person, they had me down as the President of a company called Lawn Tec.  All righty then!!  I told the lady I had no clue who that person was and I think I would know if I was a President of any company.. that would be nice but to quote Nancy Sinatra, it aint me babe.  But we do get mail occasionally for a company called Lawn Tec, who I just assumed used to be at this location before we moved in. ( I do live in a house between two business)  I have since checked my credit for any errors and if my identity is being used by anyone other than me and every thing so far checks out fine. 

I am just slightly annoyed today.. first this and then Mr. Joe an AOL JOURNAL EDITOR, calling all blogs boring.  *pouty* Is my blog boring??  Ya.. well so what if it is..that's life sometimes.  And as a commenter to Joe's just as boring blog said, "at least you get paid to read them"

Here is another boring tid bit for you all.. I have my MIL coming in to town so I have to do some major cleaning.. and I am still missing Josh.  We talk everyday on the phone.. but you know that is not substitute.  The latest is he may be homeward bound by Sunday. *more pouty lip here*


  1. i signed you up for AARP....they wanted to sign me up last year, im not sure why. i sent them a responce and told me i had to be 50. i said on. catch up with me in 41 years. lmao..jk! well no, actually just about signing you up!

  2. *just thinking** maybe some think I would qualify for being over 50 since I use refrances to Nancy Sinatra and Neil Dimmond?? LOL cuz really who knows about them unless they are old.. I am just well rounded I think.. not old.

  3. wow I bet you feel like rachael now being thought older than you are lOL I have to visit mr joe now he must have an excitiing life or he better to call our borning. LOL Hey girl did you get my email saying that louisville is just 1 hur away from me

  4. Hye go look at the comment i left in his journal LOL

  5. LOL  I get stuff from them also and can't belive it!  I am older than you and I am still shocked that I get it!!!  Hope you enjoy your visit with your mil.  Linda