Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This is really adding to a bad day! gurrrrr..

Ok so you want to know what is going on with my journal??? That would be a good question and I am so sorry to those of you who have me on alerts and seem to be getting alot of them from me.   A good chunk of my day has been wasted on this gurrr..

I have been back and forth with Joe the AOL Editor and he has been something of the go between for me and the Tec people today.  I have done many spyware scanners and downloading some other stuff.  And yes some junk was found on my computer but even after taking care of that this problem is still here.

I even had a guest poster post a test on my journal if you noticed lol..

New Journal Entry
A new entry has been posted to the Journal:
Hunybea's Open Journal
Subject: wooohooo this is a test
Author: ianc04
"hi - just testing :-D"

That was one of the "superusers", who has access to all AOL testing the prob for us. (Bet you didn't know AOL could do that huh!) Well after all this they could not "recreate" the problem, so they can not solve it.  If I use and sign in to AOL using that and edit my journal the mystery audio link DOES NOT come on when I go and edit.  But when I go back using my AOL program it does.  The conclusion is.. according to the tec people anyway, it is a problem with MY machine and they can't do a thing about it.  I need to find it and get it off and until then use mozilla to edit my journal.  UGH!  I also posted to the suggested message board  to see if anyone there can help me with all this.

So the problem is if I edit an exciting post using my AOL software some how a nasty porn link masked as an audio link is added, but not in an original post.  Something may be on my computer doing this (some vicious spyware program that seems to slip past every scanner I have downloaded).  AOL employees did all they felt they could and I am left to figure it out on my own. If I can not get this fixed I am planning on doing a system resotre tonight. 

This on top of our close date being moved.. our van being put BACK in the shop (not having the money to pay for it today) and not celebrating Sophia's birthday the way I had wanted.


  1. I hope i can find the aol link wtih many spyware things I had a phishing scam happen three times this week. they need to send the kids back to school I thik LOL

  2. hope you get it all figured out...last night alerts weren't working for me but they seem to be up and running again!