Thursday, July 7, 2005


If you have watched t.v. or been online at all today you will have seen the horrible events that have occurred in London England.  I know of at least one of my online friends who lives there, Sammyfc.  I pray that she and her family are safe! 

Please pray for all of London's residence and the families who will be effected by these bombings.  Pray that they will be lead to the Lord and eyes and ears and hearts will be open to the fact that his return is very near.  Sadly I feel we are going to see even greater attacks and disasters coming in the months and few years we have left ahead.  Use these times to talk to all you know about YOUR faith in Jesus Christ and why you can be at Peace when the whole world seems to be crumbling down around us.  

Lord I lift up London England to you.  Lord you know all that is to happen and nothing is a surprise to you.  Lord I ask that you would touch each citizen of that city and country and be with them.  Open their eyes and ears and hearts to you Lord.  Send ministers of the Gospel to speak your words of Love and Salvation to them.  Use these bombings to wake the people up who are in slumber, to bring a harvest of souls to you.  Comfort the families who have lost members.  Bring peace to the hearts of those who know you and show them that they can have perfect peace in you and you are not the author of fear and confusion.  We know there will not be true peace for the world until you, the Prince of Peace come.  We long for your return Lord.  Prepare our hearts, prepare your bride.  Lord I lift up Sammy.  Lord I don't know where she was or if she was in any of those bombings but I trust that you have your hand on her right now.  Use her to be a shinnying light to her Muslim family during this time of trouble.  Use her to show your love and hope to all around her.  

In Jesus Name I Pray! Amen!!    


  1. Yes and Lord spread your watch care over Americal now that our terror threat has raised.

  2. how nice of you to visit me through Sisters in Christ.  What a good idea. I am a bit under the weather at the moment but I will get around to doing the same thing when I can.  Thank you for your kind thoughts about London.  A very sad thing. We are all still shocked.  I have put you on alerts now. xxxx

  3. Amen to that I also have them in my prayers. this is my first time to your journal I got the link through the comment you left in mine I have enjoued my visit and have set your journal on alert so I will be back God bless kelley

  4. Thanks for leaving your kind comment. I love your journal :)I have you on my alerts. Come back again soon!