Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Updated close date...

Some boxes are packed.. just received an order of more from the Fedex guy.  Plans are made, lists are set, utilities are ready to be called, a truck is on reserve, babysitter is on call for when we do close.  In the mist of all this craziness Josh is off of work for a week.. he is freaked out about that but now he has time to do all those side jobs. We are living on ramon noodles and mac and cheese and store brand soda just so we wont spend any extra money before all this goes threw. Then what seems to be at the very last minuet our Lender Lady calls us to tell us there is a small snag and WE have to go to our bank to get a print out of our verification of funds.. if they do it, it will take 5 days for the bank to get it back to them and as you know that is too late.

So I had to run to our bank and do that.  I am so sick of my bank and am seriously considering dropping them.  I have plenty of reasons, but for lack of space I am not going to list them. lol. Then I ran it over to Lender Lady and had a nice chat with her.  She assured me we are getting the loan but if anything our close my be pushed up a few hours or worse case the next day.  I should know by the end of the day and how much of a cashier's check we need to bring to the title company.

I REALLY HOPE this all get's done tomorrow as planned!!!! It is Sophia's 4th birthday and instead of having a party we told her she would get the keys to our NEW house and be the first one to open the door.  I was even thinking of maybe bringing some cake for the kids and maybe a bottle of cheap wine for Josh and me to chrisen the house with *wink*  But even if it does get pushed to the next day that is cool.. that is Josh's 29th birthday (hahahahahahaha one more year till he is 30).  We are not in a big rush to move.  We didn't plan to start occupying the new house until the weekend of the 12th.  But we did want to start bringing some things over there this weekend.  Josh is going to his mom's to get her stuff she wants to store and the things she is giving to us (including a new bed for us, bookshelves, linens, some dishes and appilances and tuperwear.. stuff I dont want to bring to this house and repack)  He was going to unload it at our new house this weekend.

Who saidbuying a house was stressful???


Nope.. CLOSE has been moved to Thurday

Oh well..what is ONE more day.. a life time if you are waiting lol.

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  1. yes It is a lifetime. WHen its over you ll say was not that long but whilte your waiting I mean you just feel it aint over till its all signed sealed and delivered. HUGS