Monday, July 11, 2005

Preparing for his return

My husband has been gone for what feel like years out of town.  I started missing him and longing for his return almost the moment he drove out of our drive way.  But while he has been gone he has been very present in our lives back here at home.  We talked daily on the phone, several times even.  If he had a lap top I am sure he would of sent e-mails too or if he was in the habit, love letters.  We talked about EVERYTHING, all the small details around the house to the big ones.  Some times he would ask me to do certain things, or make certain calls for him on his behalf and then would ask me about it the next time we talked.  Sometimes I didn't do as asked and would feel guilty and distant from him in our conversations but after I told him truthfully that I hadn't done what he wanted, after hearing his disappointment in his voice he would encourage me saying it was ok, just do it the next day.  He knows I am super shy sometimes and put off business calls till the last minuet so he has to give me a nudge of encouragement.  We talked about money and our bank account and the bills that needed to be paid and if I was getting those things done during his absents.  We talked about just how much we loved each other and couldn't wait to be together once again in each other's presence but was thankful for cell phones that worked.  He even sent me a gift as a surprise UPS. A nice bottle of wine he had ordered, but I am saving it for when he gets home to share it with him.

People ask me how I am doing while he is gone and how he is and when is coming back. I try and hold back my enthusiasm knowing his return will be soon but ofcourse he is one of my very favorite subjects.  I sometimes feel like his secretary from all the ppl who have called asking when he may be available to do some painting jobs for them.  I am sure he has enough side work lined up for over a month worth of work and then some.  But even while he has been gone he has still provided for his family's needs.  Money in the banking account from the fruit of his labor, loving phone calls and correction when needed, and encouraging words too and making sure friends would check in on us now and then.

All thought He has been gone for some time now, no one has ever doubted that he would return to me and our family as promised.  We didn't knowthe exact time the job he is working would be finished and when he would pull up in our drive way back at home but we did have an idea about when it may be.  So when he called me telling me he is on his way and he will be here soon I felt joy and excitement.  Also a bit of regret because I have not done fully everything that I knew was expected of me while he was gone but I know small things don't matter too much to him and I will be forgiven.  He loves me and I love him and that is all that counts.

So I have been preparing for my beloved husband's return home but not knowing of the exact time he will pull up.  Sure I have an idea because I know how long it takes to drive from where he is at to where we are at, but he could speed and get here faster or he could make some pit stops and take longer than I expect.  I have been doing some extra cleaning so he can come home to a nice home and we can enjoy each other instead of him watching me over a sink of sudsy dishes or folding laundry.  I took a needed shower and shaved my legs, wanting to present my self to him beautiful and knowing that some bedroom time will come. I have told my children that daddy is on the way and that we should be prepared for his return.  Ofcourse they are excited because they have missed him just as much a I have. And they know that daddy will have a full report of how they have behaved and if chores were done.  They have no doubt that their father is coming because he has never lied and I have never lied, plus they can see the joy in me with the knowledge that he is coming soon.  We are also very excited for his return because when he gets back into town all the paper work can be signed on our new house!

I was thinking about all this in the shower.. where I do some heavy thinking sometimes. (about the only alone time I have lol)  I was thinking about my husband and his return and it occurred to me how it is like a parable for Jesus Christ's return and there is many parallels that I may even miss.  (don't get me wrong, I don't see my husband as a god but there are some foreshadowings there, God is all about relationships.)

All though Jesus is not here with me in bodily form he is still very much active in my life, just as my husband who is not here in person but still connected to us using the phone or other modern technology.  Jesus and I talk while in prayer and reading his love letters to me threw the Bible and that is when he tells me to do certain things for him on his behalf, where he gives me instruction and correction and encouragement for my life. Same with my husband's instructions for the daily house hold things and the extra for preparation for the new house, I am some times laxed and feel far from the Lord in prayer because I have not confessed everything to him but he still expects me to get it done and encourages me with that little nudge, saying it is all right Mary, you can do it because I have enabled you to. And once I confess my sins to Jesus and ask for his forgiveness, I feel close to him again, nothing is there hindering our relationship. 

Jesus provides for all my needs and also gives me blessings, gifts.  Just like my husband has.  And just as I could talk all day long about my husband and our love, I could talk all day about Jesus and his. I don't doubt my husband's return, I don't doubt that Jesus will return either. 

I long for it, I ask him to prepare me for it because I know he is coming for a bride that is with out spot or wrinkle and I am far from that.  His cleansing blood is like the shower I took to get all the grim and dirt off of me so that I may be clean for him.  When he comes I want to be found faithful to the calling on my life and not that bit of regret. 

Jesus didn't give us the exact time or date of his return because he said himself the he did not know, only the Father knows but he did give us things to watch out for and to expect just before he would.  I don't know the exact hour or second my husband is to walk threw that door but I wait for it with excitement and joy knowing that he has told me it will be soon, just as I am watching and waiting for my heavenly groom with expectance and joy and only get more excited as the days go by closer to his return.  As I told my children their father is coming, and to be prepared, I am telling you, Jesus is coming, be prepared! 

Believe me or not, that is on you to choose but as a Faithful Husband he is going to come back for his bride, you are invited to the wedding party, the new wine will offered and a table set, and a new home, a house, a mansion built with many room with you in mind but it is for you to accept to invitation.


  1. I bet you are so excited to have him come home. So nice. I dont know how you stand it. Todd and I spent one night apart and that was when he stayed all night with Rachael at the family camp out cook out at his famlies house. Tracy and I came home took care of the dogs. Well Todd told his brother look I ll get on moms pc and Im her. His brother said she wont be up it s four am. He got on and I had gotten on and we Im'ed. It was only a few hours one night but we both woke up and at the same time and got on. How cool is that?????????

  2. He will be back soon and that will be great. My hubby used to work away from home a good deal and we only saw each other really on Sundays.  Now I am lucky to have him here all the time, the only downside, we are much older and wondering where all the years went!

  3. Beautiful entry.


  4. what  a lovely entry mary...and one I totally relate to...when my husband leaves I never quite know when he'll be back either...and there's something to be said about absence makes the heart grow fonder....I hope he returns to you thoughtful of him to send you a gift too!  


  5. Oh how sweet.  I hope he reads this entry. : )

  6. AMEN!!   BRAVO!!  Excellent entry.  And I am very happy for you that Hubby is , well I guess he is home now.....hence no entry since Monday!  lol   Enjoy your time together.  -  Barbara