Saturday, July 9, 2005

Ohh why didn't I pick up that pack of hand sterlizer that was on sale!!!

Guess what my baby Sophia has from these symptoms..

Itchy eyes that are red/pinkish

Nasty milky fluid coming out of her tear ducts that are gluing her lashes together

Grumpy disposition

I am no medical expert but I fear she has the dreaded Pink Eye!

How she got it I am not fully sure.  We haven't been around any other children expect for last Sunday at church.  My suspicions is she caught it off the shopping cart at the grocery store today.  Maybe I should of took it as a prophetic warning when Annie pointed out the five pack of hand sterilizer and suggested we buy it.  Ofcourse I didn't because I was trying to pinch pennies and remembered the last time I got them how the kids just got the goo all over the place.

This evening when Sophia came up to me saying something was in her eye I shrugged it off thinking she has poked it and kissed it all better.  Then when the thick milky fluid started to seep I considered it to maybe be a blocked tear duct.  When Zane was a baby he suffered from blocked tear ducts badly and that is what this looked like.  But now she got up from sleeping complaining about her eyes and one is almost glued shut and the other one doesn't look too happy either.  I have wiped them with a damp paper towel and cleared them out as best as I can.  I guess a call to her pediatrician is in order in the morning. I am not even sure if they have Saturday hours.  So far none of the other three children have shown the signs of having it.  Let's pray we can keep this isolated!

I am wondering can you treat pink eye over the counter???  A trip to the doctor and the pharmacy would really hit our budget right now.  My van still needs the power steering pump fixed.  I am trying not to drive it until I can get it into a shop.  The mechanic friend Josh had asked to look at it said he didn't have the right tools.  So I am figuring at least $400 for it to get fixed.  YUCK!  That takes a nice chuck out of our savings we were going to use for the move.  Plus I just paid rent and some bills and did the major weekly grocery shopping.

Josh is figuring he will be on his way home by the latest Monday.  I am also busting at the seems with news about our house buying but I want to hold off on that until I have all our ducks in a row.  I don't want to get my hopes up and then have them crushed if it falls threw.  But more on that later.


  1. We call pink eye conjunctiveitius (spelling?)Anyway, you can go to your pharmacy and get an antibiotic ointment that goes around the eyelid. You can here anyway..(UK) or if she is a baby bay, you can get eyedrops that do the same thing. Hope this helps.


  2. My grandmother always recommened boric acid. I htink if you do a search on the net there are some other things that clear it upwahts wrong with the steering pump????? Hey cant wait for news on a house OH wiat your buying the one down the road from me arent you?????? I thought that looked like you down there going in !!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  3. that should read "allow to cool"

  4. Yes it is conjunctivitis and it is passed on very easily so make sure you all use different towels.  I have had it several times. I have found a salt bath helps.  One teaspoon salt dissolved in a pint of boiling water, allow to call and use as an eyewash and to bath around the eyes.  If it does not respond then you will have to get treatment xxxx

  5. Yeah, bummer.

  6. I hope her eye is doing much better now! I don't know of anything over the counter. I hope it didn't cost you a fortune!