Friday, July 8, 2005

Great! Now we have to watch out for hyperlinks in IM from even ppl we know..

Caution: Worms Spreading by IM
During the past several weeks, AOL has observed an increased number of small malicious programs called worms spreading by instant message (or IM). AOL helps protect AOL and AIM users by blocking instant messages containing hyperlinks known to be associated with the worms; however, you should always be cautious with any hyperlink you receive in an e-mail or IM. Once a worm infects a computer, the worm spreads itself by sending an instant message containing a hyperlink to every contact on the infected user's buddy list. You will only be infected if you click on the hyperlink and download the file.

To help avoid being infected by an AIM worm or any other virus:

  • Be extremely cautious when clicking on hyperlinks in e-mails and IMs, even from people you know.
  • Do not click on hyperlinks in IMs that are unexpected, out of the ordinary, or otherwise suspicious.
  • Run anti-virus software and keep it up to date.

    AOL Members:
    More Details on AIM Worms Spreading

    1. Thanks for posting this.
      Hugs *Louise*

    2. I kno wit stinks

    3. Thanks for the warning!