Saturday, July 16, 2005

Saturday Six time

Yep it is Saturday.. ALL READY!! You know the drill..

1. What is the last thing you either camped out or got up unusually early to be able to buy? Nothing since my early teen years that I can remember.. and that was for NKOTB tickets.. sad I know.

2. If you had to give up one of the following for a full year, which would be the easiest to do without?  Which would be the most difficult to give up?
    a) Your personal vehicle
    b) Your Telephone (both cellular and land line)
    c) The Internet
    d) Meat (all of it:  Beef, Poultry, Pork and Seafood)
    e) Television

I could probably give up any of those things for a year.. but the hardest would be C. The Inernet.  I could live with out, tv, phone and my car because hey when you have the NET you can do almost any of those things on it (well no substitue for meat but I could deal with out it for a year). I watch my news and clips here, I talk more with my friends & family here than on the phone and hey I can have my grocery's delivered if I didn't have a car by ordering them online. LOL

3. How many items (include all bottles, boxes and containers) are in your medicine cabinet?  Which is the last one you used? gurr.. let me go look.. ok. about 20 things (as they come toppling out when I opened the cabinet) and the last was ear drops on Josh. It is Seriously going to get cleaned out before we move. lol

4. What is the first source you go to for news of any kind when you wake up?  How much do you trust that particular source? First source for most of my news is .. ya.. the AOL Welcome Screen.  That is my spring board and then I will read on  and then if it is that important or breaking I turn on the TV to the FNC.  I don't trust any one scource the most or the least.  I pick and choose and take it all in.

5. Take the Quiz:  
What do the letters of your name stand for? M Mesmerizing A Appreciative R Radical Y Yummy B Brutal E Energetic A Adventurous
6. What is your favorite color and why?  If you have a journal or journals, is this color the primary one on those journals?  If not, why not? Purple and Lime Green.. yep my journal reflects these colors pretty well dont you think?  Lime green is used for links and purple for everything else.  I like Purple because it is a color of royalty (daughter to the King here) and I started liking Lime Green longggg before it was all that in fashion, it is bold and somewhat differnt from my personality and I feel pretty in it.  Now that EVERYONE wears it, it is starting to get annoying and I am starting to mix up my colors more.

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  1. Very much enjoyed reading your answers xxxx