Saturday, July 23, 2005

The DMV Blessing

Four more days till we close!

So you know how you need a valid ID when you are signing all that paper work at closing???  No big deal right?  Nope, unless you have let your licence expire... over six months ago.  Ya, Ya, dont you lecture me in MO if you let it lap that long you have to retake the written and driving test.  I don't have time for all that right now!!!  So my temporary solution was to just go and get a State ID and then get my licence back after we closed (then I could also get our new address on it too)

Another nice tid bit if you are a Missourian.. next time you go to get your licence renewed or get an ID.. you HAVE to bring  in your Birth Certificate as proof that you were born in the US and your Social Security Card as proof of who you are, and a utility bill as proof of residence.  It is some new initiative called Show Me Proof:  Lawful Presence Identity Residency.  Yes, even if you are just renewing.  So I had to dig and dig to find my birth certificate.. I had to brave the spider infested garage and dig in a box to find the fireproof metal box I had it in and never bothered to unpack the last time we moved.  (The plan is to clean the garage tomorrow after church so Josh did finally bug bomb the garage so I won't have to worry so much about spiders, I hope it worked)

Who says the people down at the DMV are not nice? LOL I waited for about 30 min. in line and got a girl who looked like she could be Liv Tyler's twin.  I told her I just wanted a State ID and handed over all my documents (German accent.. papers, papers.. show me your papers, in my head)  I told her why I just needed an Id and not a renewal.  She looked me up in the "system" and said to both of our surprise it showed me as still current and I could renew my driver's licence if I wanted to with out taking the test.  She was gawking how LUCKY I was, that was abnormal, some glitch.  THANK YOU LORD!!  She even said if I knew my new address I could go ahead and get it on there (but I didn't know it off the top of my head so I couldn't give her the info.  Just $12 next week to get it changed after we have closed)  In the past I have always gotten my old licence back with just a hole punch in them.  I have something of a collection going of them.. I can see how I have aged by them lol but not this time.  She had to keep it and send it to the Capital she said, new rule.  A lot of NEW rules going on at the DMV and I am sure the next time I have to go there will be a whole new Federal State ID System and they will be asking ppl to take a safe, easy to use, chip.(over my dead body)

There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord blessed me.  He knew I was stressing over not having my driver's licence current and the possibility of arranging baby sitters so I could go take the tests and that time is getting short before we close on the house.  I was beaming the whole day and I am still in awe. 

I had started my period that day and felt like crap and didn't want to get my picture taken, nor did I feel like dolling up for one. The reason my glasses look tinted is because of my under eye baggage.  HOW terrible is that!  But over all it is a nice picture but, not as good as my past one.  Just for fun I had to show Josh and ask him if I looked 30 in my best PMS voice.  He insists I don't look a day over 28 lol.

NOW.. If I can only stay cool until the air conditioner repair guy get's here!!!!  It died last night before we got home from homegroup and we have been sitting in front of fans all day.


  1. Glad you got it all sorted in the end

  2. What a nice surprise at the DMV!  That almost NEVER happens that a GOOD surprise awaits you THERE!!!  JAE

  3. more blessings coming your way.


  4. WOW that is neat. I cant imagine retaking the test now LOL

  5. viviansullinwankJuly 23, 2005 at 9:42 PM

    I love the picture!!  I'm glad things worked out so well at DMV!   WOW can you believe how close you are to being in your new home?!  You must be busy as heck getting ready! I hope it goes very smooth. My closing started right on time and was over well before I expected it to be. I had taken the day off thinking I might be waiting around there for a long time. But after the closing my good friend and I went out for lunch and then I started taking a few small things over to the house (since we weren't moving in for almost a month...after the last day of school).

    I'm still pinching myself sometimes when I look around and realize that this place is all ours...brand new...never been occupied by another're gonna love it {{{{{Mary}}}}}



  6. I think I heard that all states are going to "serious" documentation to get licenses or state IDs now because of the Terror threats. There was a time when you could get a licese with a birthdate on a note from your mother in NJ. Hope all will work out and the new house will be your best blessing soon. My best regards to you and the family. Bill.

  7. I guess you don't drive much huh?  Here in NJ you have to show several documents as well....such a pain to find all those papers!