Monday, January 9, 2006

5 Crazy Things Tag & 5 Wonderful Things

Something is up with 5s and tag this week.  I have also been tagged for the 5 things that drive you crazy quiz by Blissful001.  I first saw this in a few of my normal reads but avoided trying to think on my own answers because I have been trying oh so hard to be in grateful mode and not complain.. remember back in Nov. that challenge put forth by my Pastor???  I am sure I have had my moments since then but in general I have so much more to be grateful for then to get crazy angry about.  Can I change the quiz to 5 things you are grateful for instead?? LOL  Maybe I will add that to the bottom of the quiz.    Ok. so here are 5 things that make me nuts but I try not to dwell on them and effect me...

1.  Tellamarketers and Bill Collectors that try and get you to stay on  the phone with a non human computer recording.   You know it is one of them when you see the unfamiliar number on the caller ID and are tempted to just let it go to voice mail but know if you don't answer they will just keep calling till some fool picks up.  So when you do bite the bullet and answer the unknown caller on the ID it is some what insulting to get a machine saying to the effect, " Please stay on the line for one of our representatives.  We really need to talk to you"  THAT OR there is nothing but dead air when you pick up because a computer has been dialing your phone number and hasn't switched over to a live person yet and you are sitting there going " HELLO.. HELLO.. HELLOOOOO!"  Ya that drives me crazy.. CLICK!!

2. Customer Service jobs being shipped overseas.  Since we are on the subject of phone edict.. There is just something fundamentally wrong when I call in to a company (I think we all know who I mean) with a problem and need to talk to a live person and after going threw a maze of computer prompts and long waits on hold to finnianly be connected with a person with what is so OBVIOUSLY a fake Americanized name like Shane or Harry who can barely pronounce it and I can not understand a lick of what they are saying from their thick Indian accent and they can not understand what I am trying to say because it is their first day on the job and have no clue what is going on and even if they did know how to answer my question can't because English is not their first or even second language. (yes that was a run-on sentence)  HELLO.. my 4yrd speaks better English and knows more about computers than this person!  Ya that drives me really crazy and another reason to go CLICK!

3. PEOPLE WHO WRITE A TEN PAGE JOURNAL ENTRY OR E-MAIL ALL IN CAPS.  I know many people who make excuses for this type of writing and I can understand a few lines of all caps but if an Author writes their whole journal in caps I just CANT AND WONT follow along.  Internet 101 people... all caps is considered bad form and yelling online, plus it can be hard to read and your point will not get across. If you can't read and write in lower case then use a bigger font or get a bigger computer screen or just PLEASE get glasses.

4.  Ads on the top of AOL Journals!!!  Yessss it still drives me bonkers and I have NOT let it all go and moved on.  I keep a running list in my head of each ad I see and make sure I do NOT patronize those companies and try not to cuss when I see it is one that I do do buiss with.  We are still looking into other alternatives to AOL and yes I have been dragging my feet about cutting AOL.. but don't mistake that as acceptance of ow they have treated ME and other fellow bloggers.  I have lost all respect for AOL and the people who work for and with them.  I do keep a mirror blog over at myspace and blogger... lol but I am constantly forgetting my sn and password for blogger and I like myspace well enough but it just isn't the same.  When I do see the ads I want to so badly flip the big bird at my computer screen but then I realize no one will see it but my children who happen to be sitting by my side so I resist the urge.         !@!#!$!%

5.  Taco Bell does NOT take credit/debit cards.  The local Taco Bell in Troy MO does not take my card at the drive thru where as every other restaurants and fast food joint does.  HELLO... GET WITH THE TIMES!  This wouldn't be so annoying because  I don't go to Taco Bell that often but I forget every time I do go that they only take cash and ofcourse I only remember right after I have ordered and am in line to get my food.  Their solution.. have me run into the lobby where they have an ATM that does NOT give you cash but a receipt that you take up to the cashier and charge you an arm and a leg in transaction fees.  What the...  Yes I am being conditioned like the rest of us to live in a cashless society and it is scary how much I depend on that card vs carrying cash, I think that drives me more crazy then the fact Taco Bell does not take my card.

Well..that got my blood good and boiling and I just thought of like 5 other things I could add to that list lol but taking a deep breath, calming down.. awww... much better.  To get me back into grateful mode here is a list of 5 things I am thankful for..

1. My husband is home.  After having him gone for almost 3 1/2 months that is a no brainer.  I am grateful for the work that took him away from us and the money it provided but I am double grateful that he is finally home and sleeping in our bed next to me.  I only pray he will get a town this time please please Lord, before this love fest runs out and I will be less then happy about him being home and longing again for those times he was on the road lol.

2.  My house.  If you have read my blog since the start of last summer you know the saga of our house search and the joy of our first time home buying.  I still marvel as I walk from room to room or when I pull up in our drive way that, to me anyway, we live in this mini mansion.Sometimes buyer's remorse will over take Josh but with all the little glitches and probs that come up I just roll with it because I love this house and could not dare ask for anything more.  If you had told me a year ago that we would live in our own house much less a 4 bedroom with a loft and a den/office and all the modern amenities, I would of called you nuts.  Now.. if only I could afford a maid or house keeper lol jk.

3.  Good friends.  Sometimes I am a bit of a home body but I do have friends and they are always there when I need them the most.  I only hope that I can bless them as much as they bless me and that they know how much I love them and how enriching they make my life. *wink*

4.  My children.  Some people look at me crazy when I tell them I have 4 children (I always want to say 5 but then I would have to go into more detail then the situation warrants).  Some people just can't imagine how anyone can live with all those children.. like it is so many lol and if you had told me after Annie that we would have a house full of little ones I would of crossed my legs and told you to shut up and not to curse me in that way lol.  But I have come to know that children are a blessing and not a curse.. I would have more if I could.  I am grateful that I can have any at all knowing that with my first child, the one I aborted, I could of caused damage and not been able to carry to term like some other women I know of.  I was given a second and a third and fourth and fifth chance to be a mother and I am thankful for that privilege.  My children fill my life with such joy and love, even when it is not all roses and we are struggling, I would not trade it for anything.  I don't know why God saw me fit to raise these wonderful humans and I often feel like I fail but God gets me threw and I learn and grow so much just by seeing life threw my children's eyes.

5.  God's promises that I can stand on.  Sometimes we can't see where the road in life is taking us and hope seems to be a far fetch thing, that is when knowing what God's Word says about you and his love for you is so important.  He promises us so much and he has always kept them to me.  He is not like man where we fail to keep our word, no his ways are not like our ways and his thoughts are not like our thoughts.  He gives us promises to stand on and believe on and we can trust that even in the darkest of night and in the loneliest of hours.. he is there and will never leave nor forsake us.  I am grateful that I don't have to know it all or keep it all under my control.. that it is all in his hands and I don't have to worry or fret but just follow his will for my life, even when that will leads me to hard things to go threw because I know he is doing a mighty work and changing me from Glory to Glory.

Wow.. that was deep!  I do notice I feel soooooooo much better after counting my blessings as opposed to the bitter feeling from counting my woe.

NOW..who should I tag???? TAG..WHO EVER has not  done this tag yet and are reading this and has a journal.  You just have to do the first 5 things that make you crazy but if you want to count 5 blessings too I think that would be neat-o.  Don't forget to leave a link in the comment section of this post when you do it.

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  1. I can agree with both five lists except I don t have hte taco bell problem lol I usually say We wont eat out if cashe is not in my pocket. well what i do is set outa a certian amoount of cash for eating out each pay check and then if that is gone we stop. Its my way of watcing how much we eat out lol I NEED Somekinds of stop for me lol