Monday, January 2, 2006

Things seemto be coming together

Went and bought a used fridge today. I was a bit stressed on how I was going to get it in the house after they delivered it tomorrow.  It is a small shop I bought it from in town and because they don't keep the extra insurance they only deliver to your door.  My neighbor said he would help me out..if it was delivered after  he got home..but that seems to be moot now.. you'll see in a sec.

Then I took the kids out to brunch at Mickey Ds.  What a mess that was.  I KNOW I taught my children to behave better than that! I guess they were just excited to get a happy meal and since it has been raining they couldn't go dispense that extra energy in the play land outside LOL.  I was going to take them to a movie to make up for not going out of town last weekend and also shoe shopping.  After lunch we headed home so I could check out show times. We have been dying to see Chronicles Of Narnia but have been waiting to see it as a family. I was getting everyone in the house and the neighbor was pulling out and stopped to chat for a few. 

 Then Zane yelled out the door that Josh had just called... He was coming home!!

Josh is coming home!!!! On his way as we speak!  He should be home in time for the kids' bed time : )  (sucks I am on my period!!)  Soooo HE WILL BE HOME TO HELP WITH THE STUPID Refrigerators! YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  LET'S THROW A PARTY! Guess we will wait to see the movie till tomorrow so we CAN do it as a family!!

I do have mix feelings about him coming home.  We thought he would have two more weeks of steady work to go.  Now we are not sure what is next work wise for him.. that is always fun.  And he has been gone so much.. it is going to take awhile to get used to being around each other so much again.  I always feel like I am letting him down as a home maker and mother and wife and ofcourse right now I am feeling like crap and unmotivated lol and the house could be cleaned more before he gets here.  I am afraid he is not going approve of how I kept it together while he was gone.. I just barely kept the threads from pulling apart it feels like in the edges of our tapestry of life.  And he knows that the kids need him here so badly.. he sees it every time he is home for a short visit or talks on the phone.

I don't know how long he will be home.. he could get another out of town job right away or he could be home for a few weeks (ugh) or better yet he could get on a job here at home in town.  Either way I am glad he is coming home even if we are not sure what is next for us.  God knows it all and he has it in his hands.. so I don't have to worry or fret.. it always works out for the best in time.. God's timing.

With it being January I am getting ready for the pro life activities I am planning on taking part in this month.  January has always been a heavy month for me in terms of dealing with my abortion (as anyone who goes back to my archives can read)  When we went to get photographed for Time a friend of mine gave me a little pin with baby feet on it.  I was wearing it today with my pink sweater.  Lilly noticed it at lunch and asked what it was for.  Sometimes I get flustered on what to say in these kinds of situations and sometimes the right words just pour out.  I told her some one gave that to me.. it is to remind me of a special baby.  Ofcourse she was not satisfied with that answer.. "what baby, can I meet the baby.. I love babies!"  Lilly and Sophia got Cabagepatch Babies for Christmas and are all in "Mommy Mode" right now taking care of them and while it is very cute it is also a bit painful when she askes these questions. I just said it was for a special baby that is now in Heaven.  Lilly was a bit sad over that thought but then she also gave a big smile and exclaimed.. "OH! The baby is with Jesus then!"  (*tears* as I reflect on that statement)  That ended the conversation and she stuffed another french fry in her mouth.

Lilly holding a sign from last year's Silent No More Awareness Event.

Yes, January is going to be a heavy month.  Most of it seeming to center around the week of my birthday (Jan 19th hint hint)  But as time seems to be going these days it will go by fast and February will be here before we know it.  Look how December seemed to pass us at lighting speed!


  1. yeah Tracy and Rahcaels b days are this month and jan is busy butnot as much as dec and nov. jsut too much social stuff for me

  2. What an adorable picture- sweet picture of Lillie.  I hope things go well with you this month with all going on.  I've only ever gone on one Life march, which about tore me up.  I would like to do it again, not just because of going on a march, but like with you ladies- it is a message of love for women that NEEDS to be heard.  My thoughts and prayers will join others for you and all who walk in your steps.  Take care, and rest well in Jesus!  Love Carolyn  Hugs to you too!

  3. PS  Happy Birthday to you!  Love me again!

  4. Hey Mary, Happy Birthday!! mine is the 30th..hehe
    I'm praying for the next job to come for Josh and you.
    I am trusting God for all your blessings to come.
    Love, charlene

  5. So glad to hear Josh is home..did he help with the fridges? I hope things went smoothly for you and the family when he got there. I am so sorry for the hurt you feel when your kids ask about something like the abortion pin and you dont know what to say. They love you and you are their teacher. Say what comes from your heart.
    Take care!
    love,lisa jo

  6. Hey Mary.  I hope you're still reading your responses to this entry.  I just now read your testimony about your 'past'.  ISN'T GOD AMAZING!!!!  You are so sweet.  I'm real sorry for all you went through, but in a way I'm glad- because it brough you HOME!  You're an amazing person, and I'm glad I read about you.  I haven't known quite the pains you have, but like you I did some incredibly stupid and destructive things in my past, and although I'm a slow learner, I am learning, and growing closer to the Lord out of my hurts.  Bless you and your precious family!  Someday- in heaven- I'd really like a chance to talk to you.  Look forward to it in His time.  Take care- love Carolyn.