Friday, January 27, 2006

Fair and Balanced? HA.. WHAT EVER..Should of seen this coming.

You may remember last month me asking for prayer because of the TIME photo shoot?  Well I guess the article came out last Sunday.  Funny because I know I checked their website each week since and I didn't see it Sunday but here it is.  I don't know if it looks different in print and if they posted other pictures with it in the printed edition but take a nice gander at the only photo they did run with on the web edition. ... 

Nice huh? (not)  That looks like a staged photograph if I ever seen one.  I am very disappointed, mostly because Steve Liss insisted they did not want Us (members of Silent No More) to hold our signs and act like we were protesting or speaking on behalf of the group (and that is fine.. no one likes a fibber) and he bragged that all the talks in meetings meetings about the article and on how it should be fair to both sides.. "balance" is the word he used.  That article is ANY THING BUT balanced.  I could  pick it apart line by line but I won't waste my time.  But I will say this.. I wonder where she gets her numbers and facts.  According to many polls, America is more Pro-Life then this article would have us believe.

I am deeply sadden by Time and this article. I try real hard not to say out loud that there is a Liberal bias in the media but this just proves it more and more that there is. Man.. my heart goes out to Amy who did the interview with a reporter from the times (not the one who wrote this article but a contributer). I know she poured out her heart to him and agonized over how it would all turn out, only to end up on the cutting room floor with out so much as a three line quote.  AND I know they interviewed many pro-life groups in the Missouri Area for this story.. but did you read how this reporter thinks of such people who do what ever they can to help mothers and their children, "a do-gooder group" in the most condescending manor!

I just would like to  make a statement..

I had my son when I was 17 and I finished High School and I am happily married going on ten years. I am  NOT on well-fare and my life was not ruined by having my child!  I am not a "burden" on society and I think my son, who is very smart will someday grow up and turn this world on it's ear.  What had one of the MOST adverse effects on my life was having an abortion at 15.  It contributed to depression, drug abuse, promiscuity, much heart ache and rift with my parents and other family members and with God. 

THAT is the side of the story you are not getting in the media.. ABORTION is Hurting WOMEN.. both physically and mentally.


  1. you wont hear the other side in the media now days thats for sure

  2. Sorry Mary.  I'm still glad that you all tried to tell your stories though.  Unfortunately, the left elitists for some reason still out voice all reason.  I'm still proud of you all!  Keep the faith, even when the side that has none seems to be winning.  We KNOW where this will go someday.  Love you lots.  Carolyn

  3. yes abortion hurts woman I know from personal expernce...
    Donna In TEXAS

  4. I totally agree with you sweetie.  Even those women who say with their mouths that they are able to live with their decision ... that they make the best choice they could are hurting on the inside.

    If I were you, I would write into TIME and say they you were very disappointed in how the article came out. Say you were highly anticipating this article and were completely let down.  I would have you friend do the same.  Express yourself but don't go all OFF even if know you feel like it 'cause that doesn't make them listen.


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  5. All those people in that photo have an arrogant look about them imo.