Thursday, January 19, 2006

In Honnor of my B-Day.. something for me to keep in mind over the next year..

From the Laugh and Lift daily e-mail group.


Thought for Today

Don't work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.


The Laugh

My Bedside Table

Old age is catching up with me,
From my toes up to my head.
I felt it most while gazing
At this table by my bed.

I laid my hair piece over there,
My own has grown quite thin.
The hearing aid is next to it;
I'm deaf 'til its put in.

Also, I can't see a thing,
Without my glasses on.
They're beside my false teeth;
Yes, my own are gone.

I kinda get the feeling
As at those things I stare......
There's less of me here in this bed
Than on that table there.


OK I'M NOT THATTTTTTT OLD... YET. LOL but I thought it was funny.


  1. ah your not htat old bu t I am happy b day

  2. Happy birthday, girlie!!!!


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  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I'm not quite there yet either- but some days I sure feel like it!  Have a wonderful day!  Love Carolyn

  4. The poem is brilliant, given me some inspiration for a poem of my own, thanks and a very happy Birthday.
    Sylvia xx

  5. How cute! Have a great Birthdya! God bless, Beckie

  6. I am not that quiet old yet ..but working on it..Thanks for sharing
    Happy B-Day