Thursday, January 5, 2006

Surfing In Style and It's Good To Have A Man Around

Terrible Pic taken with web cam : P


Hunybea's Open Journal is currently being brought to you via my hubby's sweet wireless lap top.  He hooked up the wireless router today so we can have his puter hooked to the net too.  Now I can chat, blog, and e-mail from the comfort of my recliner or bed lol.  A girl could get used to this heehee.

I tell you what else I could get used to... Josh actually doing stuff around here!  He helped hang the canopeeies for the girl's beds (pictures later), plunged a stopped up toilet, bought and promises to hang the mural for our bedroom (again picture later),and took the trash out and to the curb. Oh and YES, he did get the refridge moved out and the new one in!  Now.. if I could only get a little help getting these CHRISTmas decorations down. 

Yes it is nice having the hubby home.  No word yet when or where his next job is so I will just enjoy this while I can. 


BBL with all those pictures I keep promising.








  1. YOu look sunny and beauitiful

  2. I think you look beautiful in the pic...i cant wait to see the pics you are promising!!  Glad that DH is there to help out. YOU GO AHEAD AND TAKE IT EASY!
    Love, lj

  3. I think you look cute in your pic!  My hubby has a laptop too but I can't STAND to use it!  Lucky him!


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  4. Mary is a hawtie!! Husband must feel lucky! =-p  

    *Not to mention the laptop*

    Take care! XoXo,