Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mary Goes to Jefferson City, MO to be Silent NO More!

Today was so awesome... I wish I could of gotten better pictures to convey all that went on.  For one  it was very very very dark inside and the pics I do have you can tell I had to do some heavy lightening to them ( flash for my digital camera is high on my wish list).  Another was I was just too busy being apart of it all to stand back and take more pictures..and you know how I love taking pictures.








Today we attended Missouri Right To Life's Pro-Life event at our state's capitol.  They had many wonderful guest speakers and the prayer was very powerful, being echoed threw out the halls of the building.  My group did not speak but we had a table that had many visitors to it.  I know God was doing a mighty work today.  I don't even know where to begin!

First off it was a wonderful opportunity just to get to know Amy better and have fellowship with her.  We drove out together and had lengthy, beautiful conversations.  She is so sweet and kind and a very strong women in the Lord.  I can see why God has chosen to use her in the awesome ways he has.  She has that gentle spirit about her and is so easy to talk to.  I always feel a special bond with ladies I meet threw Silent No More because of all people they know JUST what I have gone threw and can understand the greatest.  With them I don't have to explain my grief and the pain I went threw or why I have to do what I do and that alone is a blessing.

I wish I could of kept a list of all the people we talked to and the titles they had but God knows who they are and the info past on to them he will use in his timing. Even if we don't see the fruit of it all, HE DOES.  A card passed along to a friend who is hurting, a pamphlet used to show a women or man how abortion hurts not helps, the phone number where there is help.. so much wealth of info and ways God can move! 

It was interesting to do people watching too.  How some would "work up" approaching our table and pass by it a few times before they could actually come up to us and talk to us and take information.  I did notice, surprisingly, many men took the pamphlet about loss of fatherhood and we had to put more out. 

Another blessing were these two young high school girls who visited our table.  They were at the capitol for a different event but just had to come up and talk with Amy.  One was 5 months pregnant and the other already a mother.  They shared how they had been pressured by people to get an abortion but just couldn't do it and how in their area teen pregnancy is so high and knew of girls who got abortions.  It was like taking a time warp and looking into the mirror years ago their stories were so similar to mine.  I hope they know how they encouraged us and I pray that we helped them with the info we gave them about pregnancy resources that could help them. There are many organizations that help mothers and mother's to be.. a myth I keep seeing is that Pro life ppl don't care about women and the children after the babies are born.. that is sooo far from the truth! 

At this event and the one I attended Friday I had a few women come up to me and tell me about their grief over misscarring and loosing a child that way.  In many ways our grief is similar as in it is not recognize or publicized in our society and women feel like they have to grieve alone or in silence.  We are mothers with out our children and we miss being able to hold them, and raise them and all the things motherhood is about but for me anyway, I look forward to when I do finally see my aborted daughter, Beautiful, in heaven and we can meet and have long walks and conversations together on those streets paved in gold.

I wish we could of spent the whole day there and got to tour more of the capitol and speak with our representatives but it was a juggling act for both Amy and I to get there and be there for the time we were and get back to Saint Louis by 4.  I am thankful for my friend Audra who helped me out with the girls by watching Sophia and picking up Lilly and Annie from school.  With out her support I could not of gone and I pray God would give her a special blessing.  Today was a wonderful, in a bitter sweet kind of way, experience for me and I am looking forward to the other events that are coming up this weekend (takes my mind off the fact that I am turning 29 tomorrow haha) 

Again I ask you to keep me and my family in prayer this week.  My voice again is almost gone and ifmy cold doesn't lift by Saturday I may not attend the prayer service outside PlannedParenthood but I do want to still attend the event that is going on down at the Arch Sunday .  These events are so important and uplifting to be apart of but they do take alot out of me and with Josh being gone it is a little bit harder to fangle how to do it all with the kids in tote.



  1. wow you look so offcial and so important

  2. So Happy to hear that this event has touched your heart so deeply Mary.
    God is using all of you women to spread the Gospel to those who are lost
    and abandoned. Keep up your good work for Him!
    God bless each one who read this entry today.
    In His Love, charlene