Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lilly.. Poster Child for Love

To say I was disappointed with Time is an understatement but I guess I was half expecting some thing to that effect.  But imagine how my heart le to find one of my most favorite picture of my daughter Lilly featured next to an important story about abortion and the numbers in the United States from!!! (don't forget to go and read it next)


God knew this was just what I need to see to lift my spirit.  Tears roll down my face as I think of how something that may seem so simple to others is such a big deal to me and God knows it.  I have very complex emotions as I view this picture.  It is Lilly's older sister.. her sibling that she will not get to meet till she reaches Heaven and the 47 MILLION children lost to abortion since Roe V Wade that she holds this sign for.  It is for me who has felt the deep hurt that comes with abortion and mourns and grieves and all the other women who suffer because of their abortion, Lilly holds this sign for.  It is for the girl or women who is thinking about abortion and my feel the pressure from those around her that Lilly holds this sign for.

How did get this picture?  Simple.. they snagged it.. no I was not asked ahead of time but that is ok.  I want many many many people to see it and I don't need credit for it.. To God Be The Glory. I did shoot Steve, who I met a few months ago over at and one of the people who runs, a thank you.  I know it was him who lifted it off my profile picture. LOL

Ohh you just don't even know.. I have had a majorly sucky week and this has made my day so much brighter.



  1. how cool Im sure your proud

  2. Hi!  I got to your journal via a game of journal tag.  I'm on a quest to read new journals, it's one of those "Tag" games that goes around.  You are welcome to play along.  The rules are here:  Your journal link will be listed in my journal.

    Very moving entry!


  3. That was such a wonderful way that God had chosen to encourage you. : )  awsome!

  4. I'm glad that lifted your spirits a little.  Isn't God great - how He always knows when we need a pick me up?!  That is such a touching and sweet picture!  I hope you have a good week- Love Carolyn