Sunday, January 8, 2006

5 odd/quirky things about me tag..

Rebecca gave out a blanket tag and I am feeling like exposing some embarrassing stuff about myself so here we go ... lol...

1.  I can't get my children's names straight.  I have 4 children and am constantly calling them by the wrong names.  Sure that is every parent's right and my mom would occasionally do that with us growing up.. but mine is bad and so sad.  The ones who I mostly mix up is Lilly and Sophia.. the youngest and closest in age.  It is pittiful when Lilly in her most aggravated and exaggerated tone say.. "um mom.. you mean Lilly.. that is my name.. not Sophia" for the fifth time that day and I could be looking right at them, not just yelling from another room. I call my oldest daughter Annie by my sister's name all the time too.. Marcy.  I was talking to my friend Amy the other day and instead of saying Annie in the story I was relaying I interchanged it with Marcy and of course this totally confused Amy but she knows I have a tendency to do this and gave me a hard time for the rest of our conversation lol. Since Zane is my only boy it is rare to do it to him but it happens when I have a brain fart and he gets called either Josh or by my brother's name Tommy.  I guess I should just stick to calling them by their nick names and be safe that way.   

2. I don't like to wear socks.  Only when I HAVE to do I.  If you ask Josh I am sure he would say this is one of the top things he would like to change about me.  Winter sucks because I cant wear sandals or flip flops and have to hunt for socks to wear with my tennies and often I just slip them on with out socks.. and you can imagine why Josh would hate that heehee.. but I have found a way around it this year.  I have taken to wear flats more often the tennis shoes and can get away with no socks with them but I have found out that nylons are nice substitute and make me feel more grown up.  One of the reasons I don't like to wear socks is I hardly own any of my own and have to wear some one else.  We have a BIG sock pile basket.. one of these days I should pair them all up lol.

3.  I don't wear underwear either.  I have just a few granny ones for those special occasions when I wear a dress to church.. too much info for you huh lol sorry strugging to find things to write down.  I don't really see the point of them..unless there is a medical one.  Maybe one day when I am all skinny and hot I will try out wearing those sexy ones for Josh's eyes only hahaha.. ya as if.

4. I belch all the time.  I just let them rip.  Around here a long loud burp is to be celebrated not covered up and stifled.  No, it is not very lady like and yes, I am being a bad example to my children.. lol another thing I am sure Josh would like to change about me.

5. I hardly wear make-up. For one, it is too much work to do everyday if no one is going to see it and appreciate how beautiful I am lol And another is it is expensive IMOP and there is JUST too many choices.. I like to keep it simple.  I do use Oil Of Olay mosituriser and that is in my basic routine.. that's my little secret.. why I look so good for my age.. lol jk But it is something I picked up when we lived with my grandma when I was 15.  My mom never actually sat me down and showed me how to apply make up so I had to learn it all on my own.    Took forever for me to figure out the right shade of foundation for me and I think that is part of the reasons that I like to stay pale white and avoid tanning.. lol so I dont have to figure out another shade to use.  I freaked out about my make-up when we did the TIME photoshoot.  I hadn't worn make-up in like a year and all that I had was old and needed to be thrown away.  I splurged and got new Cover Girl foundation, eyeliner and mascara.  Another reason I pretty much gave up wearing make-up is so I don't have to listen to my husband's groans of impatience because I take so long to get ready when I do wear it and he says he prefers me with out the war paint as he has put it.

So to sum it up.. I am an uncouth, memory challenged chick in need of an over all make-over.

Your turn.. tag.. your it, leave a link so I can read it.


  1. omgosh...that could SO be my list!


  2. I'll call Oprah right now to sign you up for a makeover :o) Socks and makeup. Actually, I don't wear very much makeup myself. I prefer a more natural approach.

    About the undies. I hear ya, although I own thongs, they are the only type I can stand to wear. There's something rather well, I don't know, walking around without undies and no one knows. It's all good!

    Love the quirks!

  3. your not so weird girl LOL

  4. You are not alone. I always mix up my four childrens names, especially when they are in trouble. As far as your other subjects I can relate to some of them. This could be my list. lol *Louise*

  5. Just as long as you call your husband by the right name, right?  ;o)  That wouldn't be so funny...:o)


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  6. LOL......For a long time I thought my name was "Edna, Sarah, Barbara."  Mom always had to go down the list.   I have practically abandoned make-up as I have gotten older.  -  Barbara

  7. That's not so bad- my Mom used to call me Cindy, Grant or shan (Our black lab!)!!!!  At least you have the sense to call your daughter's by a girl's name- even if it's not their name!  I don't wear makeup either- but unlike you- I gotta wear socks or I feel naked!  Only wear flat soled wal mart shoes- you know- the 5$ ones.  Maybe that's why my feet hurt so much- or could be that all I used to wear were 4" spike heels  OWWWW!!!  Take care- love carolyn

  8. Oh MY Mary, I don't know what to say about all this LOLOLOLOL