Friday, January 27, 2006

Anne Rice becomes a Christian Author??

Back in the day before I was a Christian I used to loveeeee horror fiction.  Anne Rice and Stephen King were my favorites.  Josh turned me on to Anne Rice before Tom Cruise ever tried to step into the shoes of Lestate the Vampire.  But after I became a Christian I did not get the joy I once had out of those sort of books and stopped reading them, even went as far as giving all the books I had from those authors away.  I loved those writers but didn't want my head and heart filled with where those stories went.  I prayed that they would turn their talents and lives over to the Lord one day so that I could again enjoy them but foremost that they would honor the Lord.

I thought for sure after Stephen King's brush with death a few years ago it would of lead him to the Lord and I could look forward to reading something from him again but that didn't happen.  (He has come out of retirement with a new horror called Cell.. lol mom already has it on order)  Today I was pleasantly surprised to read this article claiming that Anne Rice has turned her life over to writing for Jesus Christ and "The Church".  Ok so she went back into Catholicism.. but it is a start.  Her new book "Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt" is a fictionalized account of Jesus's youth from his point of view.  Interesting but I think if I was to read it I would approach it with caution. But, Praise God that Anne has come to the Lord and is now writing to Glorify Him! 

The article quotes her as saying.. "I want this book to make Jesus real to people," she says, including "maybe people who have never thought about Him or people who just don't take Him seriously." In this book, the writer adds, "I've tried to create a probable reality -- the way it might have been with the holy family day in, day out."

I think there may be a danger on writing about themes that are not clear in scripture.. The NT only speaks about Jesus's youth once but I know there are spoken traditions in the Catholic Church about the stories of his family's time in Egypt.  I am one who doesn't believe in traditions but only what the Bible says.  But I have read some wonderful books written from a Biblical Charter's perspective and how the culture was in those times.  Last year (I'll have to go back and look up the post I did on it and it's name and author) I read one from Bathsheba's (sp?) perspective and her relationship with King David and how their affair effected the kingdom. It was neat to have it all click that Jesus Christ came from that line formed by David and her threw their son Solomon.  It was very uplifting and the author incorporated many of the Psalms into thier prayers.  I loved it.  So I will try and not prejudge Anne Rice's new book and look forward to checking it out for myself.

Now.. if only Stephen king would come to the Lord.


  1. I read this a while back. If I'm correct her husband was an Athiest and part of her reasons for staying away from Christ for as long as she did. :( I admit, I'm too lazy right now to go and read the article you even have linked...either way I'm thrilled she's giving her life to Christ once more!
    My mom enjoys horror books too. I wish so much she'd just give her whole heart over to Jesus...but we know we can't force those we love to do it.

    Through Christ, anything's possible...who knows maybe one day Stephen King will also give his heart to Christ!

  2. hum wonder how her writing style will be now though I never read books so I never read hers before or stephen kings. Its rare for me to read a book and when I do its very rare and usually life applicable. Like about cook books or eliving a jewish life like Joh n Hagees books on the feast and festvials. the only book I have read that is fiction is these amish books oneof the series is call the shunning there was  a three series book set.

  3. I think its neat if she's given her life to Jesus. However, I think I'd have to look at this book she just wrote as totally fiction since we know so little about Jesus' growing up times.


  4. I forget where I read it, but I heard about that a few weeks ago.  It is cool that she's finally giving up on vampires!  I used to love Stephen King!  I only kept one book out of all the one's I had, and that's The Stand, because it's a pretty good parallel between good and evil.  Funny though, I haven't read it in a long time!  Have you ever read Dean Koontz?  He's a Christian, and he writes horror/thrillers.  I like his stuff, but not in large doses!  I just can't seem to take the darkness and blood like I used to, without feeling kind of depressed.  We need more Christian thriller authors!  (Incidently, I have almost finished my very first novel- pray that a publisher will pick it up! Sorry for the plug.)  As for reading things that are fictional (Or traditional) stories of Biblical characters, I agree that the Bible is the main source when it comes to the truth, but it is interesting sometimes to read fictional accounts of the characters.  I have read a couple of really good ones.  As long as you remeber that the stories are just guesses at what life might have been like, I think it's a glimps into the past, and makes the people in the Bible become a little more real.  Try The Book of God- by Walter Wangerin.  It's really good.  Tells a story of Abraham all through to Jesus' ministry( I love the description of Jesus' birth!).  Have a great weekend!  Love carolyn

  5. For the sake of his own soul, I think it would be great if Stephen King became a Christian. But if he starts writing a bunch of patronizing, all-things-in-life-revolve-around the-love-of-God/Jesus books instead of the excellent horror and fantasy that he's known for, I'm going to vomit. ;)