Tuesday, January 17, 2006

News paper clippings and just a few snap shots Josh took... we have the best parts on video and I hope to some how figure out how to get a clip on to my computer so I can e-mail it to those who may be interested or put it on DVD.  Josh was so focused on video taping that he didn't get any pics of me while I was making my speech!   This is why I am the camera person in the family but I had to give over control since I was apart of the event this time and not in the audience.


Sorry it has taken so long for me to update.  I know some of you are wondering and have asked how it went.  I have been a bit under the weather this week and my voice is about to go out on me (go figure) plus Josh is planning a trip out of town and is taking Zane with him.  Funny how my life works.  For the most part it is slow and easy going around here and then all at once there is bursts of activity and it gets crazy.

The 5th Annual Prayer Vigil put on last Friday by Missouri Right To Life, Lincoln County Chapter, was really awesome.  I feel honored and very bless that God allowed me to be apart of it all and speak to those in my community about an issue that is very important to me and to our country.  It was the first time I was able to represent Silent No More Awareness Campaign on my own.

It was held at Troy City Hall and had standing room attendance.  A very good turn out for such a small area if you ask me.  The youth group was from the local Baptist Church and they put on a few entertaining skits.  The guest speaker, Dr Onder, had a very informative power point presentation about stem cell research.  He talked and showed us the difference between adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells and how they both are harvested and used.  He talked about some of the myths and realities about the two kinds of research.  Here are a few websites with more info on that subject if you would like more info: http://www.thecbc.org/  http://www.stemcellresearch.org/index.html

and the Doctor's e-mail address is rfounder@centurytel.net if you would like to ask him any questions. 

I was some what nervous before the event.  I thought I had my testimony all prepared and it was just a matter of printing it out but instead I spent  most of the day writing one out.  I am glad I have written so much and was able to draw alot from my past writings.  I'll post later my testimony that I gave.  After I got up to speak God's calm and peace took over and it all went by very fast but I was told I spoke clearly and all my major points came across well.  I am a shy person and for the most part quiet so it was a little overwhelming afterwards when people wanted to come up to me and talk to me and shake my hand.  Some said it took courage to say what I had to say and other said they were proud of me.  While it is true that it did take courage for me to speak I give God all the glory.  I think I was just obedient and did what was asked of me, I try and not think of it as such a big deal anymore and let myself get puffed up.  If only all the women who have been hurt by abortion got up and spoke... what a tremendous impact that would make!!

At the close of the event we had prayer and a candle light vigil.  A candle for each year Roe Vs Wade has been legal.  An announcer read each year and told of the major events that happen in that year and then read the number of abortions that took place and the corresponding candle was blown out.  It was very powerful and I did cry a little bit.

In America, for the last 33 year over 44 MILLION babies have lost their life because of abortion.  One about every 23 seconds!

Tomorrow Josh and Zane leave for out of town.  And tomorrow morning I am heading out to Jeff City for more Pro-Life events.  Saturday I am going to another prayer vigil and Sunday down town at the Arch for a Missouri Right To Life Event.  Please keep me and my family in prayer. ((HUGS))


  1. it sems to me there is soeplace on the web they say you can send video and put on a wbe site to have up so you can send people. yeah I know men are not good at multi tasking lol

  2. Wonderful! I would love to attend something like that
    Much Love you have alot of faith and bravery

  3. Mary, I am so proud of you!  I am grateful that God allowed you and helped you to do this.  I looked through your pictures- I loved the Ad- that said, take my hand...  As I read some of the other pictures, it reminds me, and breaks my heart.  God bless you and every other woman who has gone through something so painful, yet have the strength and the GUTS and COURAGE to speak the TRUTH!  I pray that some day soon this country (world) will listen up and hear you all.  Hope you're feeling better.  God Bless- Love (hugs) from Carolyn!