Friday, January 20, 2006

The rundown on how my birthday went.

Yesterday.. my birthday.. had it's nice surprises and not so nice ones too.  I have been sick and tiered and needed the rest sooo badly.  So badly that I over slept and didn't get my girls off to school.  I should of gotten up.. had the alarm set but.. I must of turned it off when it first went off and never got up and slept till almost 10 a.m.  I should of just then gotten my butt moving and taken them in late but.. I didn't and just laid around and let them watch t.v.  Lilly, Sophia and Annie did wake me from one of my mini naps with a plate of birthday cake and sang me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"  in bed.  Very sweet yes.  Zane and Annie had made me the cake Monday and I had kept in the fridge for my day, because really... who wants to make their own birth cake right?  My angels had altier motives behind serving me cake in bed though.  They took that as their cue to eat my cake too.. ALL OF THE CAKE. Nice breakfast huh? LOL  Lilly my little artist made me a card with a picture of her and me on it.  She said it was her taking care of me because I was sick.. awww yess very sweet.

After I found the strength to get out of bed and go down stairs and finally be responsible and interact with my offspring I had another surprise in store for me.  Annie told me while I was asleep one of the schools called to vairf the absence and asked if they were going to be coming in today.  She said she did not know, they oversle and she told the school I was still in bed!  Ohh the Horror.. sure she was just being honest but mann I bet that school thinks I suck as a parent now. I did have to scold her a little, she knows she is NOT allowed to answer the phone and if she does she is supposed to bring it to me.  I HAVE taught them phone edict because that IS one of my pet peeves when I call over to other ppls house and their kids answer but don't know how to talk to an adult properly lol. 

So after I got over my embarrassment and surveyed the damage done to the living room and kitchen I noticed a kitchen chair out of place in the living room pushed up to the tv hutch. I asked Annie why the chair was there and not at the table.  She said Sophia must of done that.  Why I asked.  *sigh* Annie said she had taken my video/digital camera away from Sophia and put it up there to keep it away from her.  The camera.. very expensive piece of equipment that I use as my sole way of taking pictures and posting the wonderful photos you see in my blog, was NOT on top of the tv where Annie said she had left it.  I grill Sophia asking her what happen, where is it and all that.  She was not budging and insisting she did not know.  My patience was running out and I admit it.. I had to spank her bottom to get her to show me and after she did go and get it I can see why she didn't want to own up to it.  SHE BROKE IT.. AND BROKE IT GOOD!!!! OHHHHHHHHMANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO  ME!! NOT!  I kept it together... did not scream and shout and I DID NOT beat her, i held that urge in with all my being and said, "SOPHIA LYNN YOU BETTER GET UP TO YOUR ROOM BEFORE I HURT YOU"  And knowing that she had really did a bad thing and seeing how upset I was she RAN to her room.  It looks like she some how figured out how to take the min tape out of the camera and tried to SHOVE it back in.. and she jammed it and bent little metal brackets inside the camera and maybe, i'm not sure scratched the heads.  I was able to get the tape out but not close the opening it comes out of.  Soooo I am out of a video and a camera.. I have no clue where to take it to get fixed or how much it will cost.  It is like I am back in the dark ages with pictures now and have to do it all the old way.. oh no.. yuck.  Any one have a digital camera they would like to gift to me?????? LOL  I SOOO do not have the money to buy even a cheap one right now (we are so so broke)

At the height of all this madness my dear friend Audra (the neat F R E A K) called to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me she had a gift for me and she was going to come over.  I have been sick most of the week and lazy and with getting up late the girls did a good number on the house so I was in another panic to clean up... but not panicked enough to REALLY clean.  I barked at Annie and Lilly to help me hide this laundry and dishes and mail ... you know the whole gambit.  But we were not quick enough and she was at my door faster than I figured. 

She had brought one of the little girls she babysits with, a little friend Sophia likes to play with but I told her Sophia is in big trouble and not allowed to play but she could play with Lilly.  She comes in and sees that I am still sick and then sees my house.  Oh Mary.. what happen, she says.  She gives me a case of Diet Pepsi (oh sweet nectar) as my birthday gift because she knew I was out and I am so addicted and then goes directly into cleaning my house. I tell her nooooooo don't do that.. you'll only make me feel worse about it all.  Ofcource she doesn't listen and spends the next hour cleaning my house.. but I will admit it.. I am grateful for the help.  I made Sophia come downstairs and sit on the recliner while the other girls played.  She was sitting there crying and carring on.  I have learned how to tune her out when she is like that because it is all drama and not real crying but Audra is surprised that my normally well behaved child is like that at home and comments how she was perfect when she watched her the day before.  Yes my kids know how to put on a good front for others when we are out in public (because if they don't they know they will be in double trouble) but at home they are less angelic.  Before Audra leaves she gives me a birthday card that was so sweet and meaningful it made me bawl my eyes out!  She says that is how you know it is a good card, if the person reviving it turns into a puddle of tears.  She is good like that, never forgets anyone's birthdays or anniversaries.. one of her giftings.  Audra really did MAKE my day!

Yesterday was like Grand Central around here.  My phone was ringing off the hook (and that never happens).  It was sweet all the birthday wishes from those who remembered but my voice was straining as it was.  How bad is it that I mostly let my phone go to voice mail?? LOL

BUT I have been eating hot soup and am all rested up now and my  voice has improved sooo much.. I think I am about out of the woods.  I am still debating if I am going to go tomorrow to the prayer vigil at PP.  I would have to take all the kids with me and it is a nice drive into Saint Louis and with money tight I am not sure if I should spare the gas since we WILL, ok, Lord willing, be driving down town STL on Sunday to be at the Arch for Missouri Right To Life Event.



  2. awwwwwwww so sorry about your camera  that is maddening nad when its your kids gosh so hard to know waht to do

  3. hello friend wow waht a b-day hugh well at least you will always remember this one lol kids are always bad when we are sick so sorry about you camera and vidieo what a sweet friend to come over and helpp like that hope you feel better soon have a good weekedn God bless kelley

  4. Sounds like you had quite the day on your bday. I hope that in the end it was very special for you! LOVE, lisa