Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Ohhhh Gawwwd, She is back at the book", groaned my husband Josh.

Remember back in October how I pounded out pages and pages to my novel for NaNoWrMo? Oh the satisfaction of making the word count to win!  I have spent the last two days reading it.  It is way past time I try and finish it.  I left Poor Hannah hanging for almost 3 month. 

Reading some of the dribble I wrote I wonder what I was thinking.  Was I sexually frustrated and thought I should inflict that on other people?  Did I have horror in mind for this book and that is why the are some of these demonic scenes?  Did I pay too much attention to detail and that is why it is 86 pages of just one fun sexy night out for innocent Hannah?  I admit the beginning of the story is kind of slow and I need to change it some how to get that hook in the first few chapters to keep the reader going until the good parts come.  I started to read it with a yawn but by the last word I was ready for more and have sweet anticipation of what is to come. 

I think joining a writer's forum has also given me the push to start to write again and makes for interesting conversation.  But I knew when I started to see Hannah and Phil in my dreams again that it was time to go back to work.  I wonder if there is a place called Fiction Land where the Charters of the Stories we write about live in and they are just waiting and waiting for us to get on with it all ready so they can come to life and not be suspended in the time and space we left them off at.  I am not disciplined and likely not that talented or smart to call myself a real writer.  But I know it is something I love to do and to justify spending all this time at it I have to tell myself that maybe one day I can make money doing it.  Any time Josh scoffs at me I get a mental image of  the shock in his face on the day I give him a Harley because of the fruits of my labor. The "I'll Show HIM" motivation.

I am thirsty to know where this story is going to finish. I had an outline that is pretty much obsolete now and I am just going with the flow.  Of course I have to share the last bit I wrote, to get some feed back.


Hannah smiled and nodded her head. Phil got up and went to the closet and produced a light blanket and went over to the couch where his sleeping beauty was.  He nudged her so she would roll on to her side.  He laid behind her and they fit perfectly together spooning on the plush couch.  He spreaded out the blanket around them and held her close. Hannah let out a small moan of happiness and then gave in to the slumber she was fighting off. Phil just laid there thinking of her and excited to be so close to her. He took a deep breath and drew in the air around her and her soft sweet smell.  He is used to staying up at all hours and is not the least bit tiered.  He just laid there listening to the light music on the radio and enjoyed each love song that played and seemed to apply to them right then and there.


                                         Chapter 16


Hannah normally has dreamless sleep and hardly expected to have one as she had Phil lay next to her. She was in heaven and any dream could not top what she had.  But this was not to be one of those sweet dreams, don’t let the bed bugs bite kind but a weird abstract one that when she was to wake up she could hardly decipher.


Hannah was in church on a Sunday morning. She was sitting with her mother and father as she usually does.  The pastor in a crisp black suit was really starting to preach and get into what ever he was saying.  He was pacing around the podium area and his voice climbed up and down. “Demons! Satan’s handy men.  Don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled! They lay traps to ensnare you and if you are not watchful you will step right in one and destruction will come upon you and your house.


Then the dream shifted from a church setting to a recording studio.  Hannah was in front of a big mic with her guitar that she calls baby in hand.  She was trying to belt out a tune but could not focus on the sheet music. “What is wrong with her?  You said she was perfect. Razor you said she had talent.” An ominous voice spoke out from speakers.  Phil came in and yelled at her, “Snap out of it! You are embarrassing me here.  How could I of been so stupid and waste all this time on you?” And then he pulled off the charm she had around her neck, the treble clef he had given her.  Hannah wanted to cry and scream from sleep but could not wake.


Suddenly she found herself in a nursery and a crying baby was in a crib.  She walked over to it and picked the infant up, cooing to it.  Becka walked in and took the baby from her violently, “You can't have it! It is not the right time. Let me help you get rid of this problem!” “No!” Hannah yelled. “It is my choice; do not make it for me! I want it, I will love it” she yelled out.


Then Hannah heard laughing, evil laughter. It chilled her to her bones. She was in darkness and a strange light started to come upon her. In that light was a familiar looking demon dressed in a black drench coat. He got in her face and said with vial breath, “Silly girl. If you would just done as I asked, you would have had all that you desired. Phil, the baby, the career, all yours.  Hurry, your chances are fading. Lay your conviction aside. You don't really believe in them any how.  Worship ME.  I will give you the world.”  Hannah was paralyzed with fear and then heard her mother’s voice boom out from no where, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet loose his soul?  Satan get thy behind me!”


Hannah sat straight up, awake and screamed.  She was disoriented and was not sure where she was but she knew that dream was too strange and to vivid to be ignored. Then she looked around her and remembered that she was with Phil and that he was supposed to wake her when their breakfast had come. She scanned the luxirous room and did not see him. She noticed plates of food sitting on the table in the corner of the room. She looked out the window and saw that the sun had already come up.  She had missed the sun rise.  Her heart sank with disapointment. How long had she been asleep? Then she heard a toilet flush and was relived. 


Phil came out of the bathroom hurriedly, “Are you ok? Did you just yell?”


Hannah threw the covers off and ran over to him and hugged him wanting to feel secure. She was shaking and needed comfort. “I just had the most horrible dream.  It was so real!”


  1. LOL, ya left me hanging! I suppose you did that on purpose, so I wont slap you for it. I knew youwere gonna get back to it.. LOL

  2. Great start. Have you got the j land novel entry done . Its been almost three days and already some emailing asking where the next chapter is. The people are getting and keeping interest. I love your writing so I always love whe you do achapter in the novel. Lori