Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sat. Six time all ready?!

You should know the drill by now.. Pat post six questions, you answer and post a link back in his comment section.

1. If a space colony could be built on the Moon or on Mars and humans could live there under protective domes, would you have any interest in living away from Earth? Well Earth is not my home, I am just visiting but I don't see myself living this life anywhere but here.  You think the Rapture would call ppl away that are in space??? It says from the four corners of the Earth are caught away, not from outer space... lol. I wouldn't want to miss that event.

2. A commercial for a credit company starts with a man being denied for a loan because of his credit score (619) and then he encounters that same number in multiple places.  Is there a number that holds some significance for you that you encounter fairly often? 633.. or any combination of 6 & 3.  My area code is 636 my house number is 633 and my zip is 63366. Creepy.  AND ALL ODD NUMBERS.. NO EVEN NUMBERS!  ohh wait.. having a blond moment.. is 6 an odd number?? I better go ask my son.

3. How many items are in your refrigerator door at this moment?  Of those, how many have you not touched in the last six months? 18! WOW!! yes I do need to clean out my fridge badly.  But of that 18 I am going to say only 2 or so have not been touched in 6 months.  A bottle of mudslide and a beer. Wine goes must faster around here.

4. How often do you buy a movie without seeing it (either in a theater or through a movie rental)?  What was the last movie you purchased without having seen first?  Do you now think that if you'd seen it first, you wouldn't have purchased it? I can't remember the last time I purchased a dvd.  I think it was that stalker movie with Robin Williams, One Hour Photo.  And no, if I had seen it first I would not of bought it.  Still waiting to get Jem on DVD. *sigh*
5. What was the last thing you purchased at an electronics store?  An office supply store?  A department store? Video Equipment (tripod) Nothing from office supply store, but I am regretting that. I think my ink would of been cheaper their. Is Wal-Mart considered a department store?? My lime green jogger outfit, the one Josh says I look like a popcycle in (ya? then come lick me lol)

6. Do you expect to owe taxes this year or get a refund?  Will this year's debt or refund be greater or less than last year's? We got more back this year and it is almost all spent already!


  1. ya? then come lick me lol)

    hehehehe...have you been to my journal this week....lmao....

  2. Hey I just cleaned out my fridge so I m lucky on that one question. Lori

  3. That One Hour Photo really creeped me out!  Robin Williams was really good in it though.  Thanks for visiting my journal!

  4. It is really encouraging to see you display your faith through your journal like this. More power to ya.....

  5. LMAO!  Got to ask....did Josh cough up any cottonballs after he licked your jogging outfit??? :)~


  6. LOL about asking your boy. You are too cute.