Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wil Wheaton IS NOT a Geek .. ok maybe a smidge BUT I'M NOT!

You are You are a geek.  You like to tell people about your life.  You are a fan of Star Trek and stand up comedy.  You like to write and act.
Which Website are You?

I only like Star Trek mildly.. sheesh. Some Stand Up Comedy is ok.. OFCOURSE I like to write.. who keeps a blog if they don't??! but act?? ME? lol na.

Ohh how Consuelo would be jelous of me being comparied to the heart throb of her youth... she was nuts about Wil.. absolutly nuts!

I may be a bit of a geek.. just for taking quizes like these!


  1. UH OH> LOL You geek !!!!!!!!!!! LOL jsut kidding. Hey I m not a big fan of star treck I like it but not what you would call a fan. Lori

  2. Hey, Mary !  Thanks for visiting my journal.  Especially because it gave me a chance to visit YOURS !!  Lovely entry for the "Heartsong" contest ...Good luck to you !!  Tina   =)

  3. LOL a geek huh?  Maybe the quiz didn't give you the right choices in answers and you went with what sounded closest and for that reason you got geek?  I don't picture you as geek material.