Thursday, February 10, 2005

Here we go again....

Just when everything seems to be going well, pulling together some way or another we get another set back.  I swear as much as Josh has spent on that truck it should be passing emissions testing!  And that ofcourse cuts into what money we got back from the State refund.  I have bills to pay and buy food ya know!  And that is another thing.  Josh gave me money the other day to go shopping for groceries and since it was so late to order dinner.  Ofcourse he doesn't give any suggestions of what he wants to eat, and I am sick of pizza so I ordered Chines food.  Yes it was a bit expensive but mmmm good.  I nickel and dime all the time and he is getting all out of whack over one dinner.  Then when I do go shopping I took a friends advice to check out Wal-mart's new food section.  She insisted it was the same price as Aldies and better quality.  Well.. poo she was wrong.  But ofcourse I spent half my grocery money there anyway and the other half at Aldies.  Josh again has a fit because he saw the receipt.  He thinks I have gone buck wild on spending.. what ever.  Who maxed out the brand new credit card the first month he got it???  Who ordered satellite TV?? Who is spending what little money we do have on an old truck???  It is not like I bought anything I like or was fun, it was all food!  Our bank account is over drawn, I have pennies to my name, I am low on gas and out of soda and cigarettes.  Our Federal tax return can not come any sooner! Oh and that is another thing.  When ever I ask how much it is so I can go to the irs web site and check the status he is vague and cant remember the exact amount.  He seems to think it should be direct deposited by Friday.

I am used to being tight on money and have learned to live with it.  That isn't really what is bugging me today. It is just one thing I can complain about.  NO what is really up setting me is that Annie.. yet again has been sent home with lice this week.  This is ridiculous, this is the third time this school year.  All together we have spent over $100 on the stuff to get rid of it and it keeps getting passed around to us.  So I went threw the whole process again, feeling like I am becoming an expert on the whole thing and sent her back to school the next day, making sure she saw the nurse first thing. I get a call from the nurse to come and get her again, she found a few more nits that I had missed.  I go get her, feeling like a fool and the nurse shows me where they are and sends a video home with me on how to pick them out.  Hello.. I know how to get them out. But Annie is like me, she has thick hair and dandruff so that makes it double hard.  I sat.. I am going to say a total of 10 hours going threw her hair in the last two days.  I haven't even gotten to Lilly, who I know also has it.  I was going to bring her up to school this morning and have the nurse look at her again but then I was going threw her hair again this morning and saw a few more.  So instead of wasting my time driving up to school just for her to be sent back home I kept her home again today for another marathon of hair picking.  There weren't any adult bugs, all nits but she has been shampooed.  I am starting to feel like the nurse and the office ppl are glaring at me on the other end of the phone.. Why can't I have office ladies like Mrs. Peachy?? And poor Sophia and Lilly.  You should of heard them crying and wailing when I took all their stuffed animals and dolls with hair away and put them in a plastic garbage bag.  They cried real tears as they said good bye to Dora and Diego.

Ugh... is your head itching yet??  You think ppl will point and laugh at us if we just shave off all our hair??  Na, just think we joined a cult.

I have tried to resize the animation I made and want to upload to the web but it seems to be no use.  I have found a whole bunch of places where you can store uploaded pictures for free but they always have a limit on the file size.  I am tempted to just delete all my Jem web pages since I hardly use them or that screen name.  But I did so much work to those pages it would seem like I wasted my time.  You know AOL could make our lives easier by having a graph or a warning of how much FTP space we have used and how much we have left, instead of making us guess.  I am not even sure if I deleted those web page if that would leave me the room I need.

All right.. I guess the upside is I still, shockingly, have dsl and can type this journal entry and we are not starving, our utilities are not turned off and Annie can get her homework sent home to her since Zane is still allowed in school. He didn't have any nits.  Josh has been working this week and if our Federal does come in tomorrow we can pay rent, the office lady for our landlord is very nice and easy with us on that stuff. 

But here we go, spending that money before it even gets here.. and if you recall that money was supposed to go towards my dental work.  I knew not to get my hopes up about that.

This is feeling like one of those days where I should just consintrate on some good praise and worship music and maybe read the Beatitudes.  This too shall pass.. 


  1. I delete my graphics so I can add more and add songs!!!!!!!!MOre graphics. I hate that if you go back to that entry you wont see them. BUT Oh well gotta do waht I gotta do. I hated being low on money in our early marriage and in debt it was a never ending cycle charging the payment for master card on visa and the visa payment on master card!!!!!!!! Oh yeah another thing I did ws jump from card to card every six months getting lower interest and free 0 interest. Itwas  a pain but it saved us lots of money till we could get to where we could sstand on our feet. Yes the lice issue is one more reason why we homeschool. yeah you could have bought school books for homeschooling with that money. OH man its a never ending cycle. I m sorry you are going thru this. OH yeah if you delete your web pages you still have to delete your ftp graphics to get the space. I guess you know that but just making sure.

  2. SOOO sorry about the lice thing, hon. My kids might be all grown and raising their own chidlren now, but I 've not forgotten how stressful that can be. Hugs. *Barb*