Monday, February 14, 2005

What we are doing for V~Day



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I hope everyone has a sweet V~Day and can be with the one you love.  Josh has school and work today so I will not be seeing him until late tonight.  And even then I think he will be slightly disappointed to find out Aunt Flow has yet again decided to visit us on a Holiday. Gurrr.. never fails.. Thanksgiving, Christmas, MY BIRTHDAY and now the Romantic Holiday.. *sigh* 

Josh was really disappointed that he had to work tonight.  He had told them last week he wanted off but then they gave him a guilt trip about hurting the company by taking two days off in a row.  Josh IS taking tomorrow off because Zane has a big Cub Scout event called the Blue and Gold Banquet.  This is where the boys get all their awards they have earned threw the year and ceremonies for the boys who are moving up to the next level of scouts.  It is a big deal for Josh to be there so he sacrificed V Day for that event.  And really I had no big plans in mind for Valentines Day.  Every day can be a love feisty around here lol.  I don't need a card from him to tell me he loves me, he shows me everyday that he does.  I will admit a night alone with him or a dinner out or a date would be nice but I enjoy doing things as family just as much as a couple.

We decided over the weekend that we would all go out to dinner as a family instead of doing something on Valentines Day.  But Saturday we lazed around and could not seem to get our butts out of bed or off the couch.  We ordered dinner from Wing Stop.  I have been waiting and waiting for Wing Stop to open up closer to me and I am so so happy they finally have. We had one by us where we used to live in Saint Louis.  My brother worked there for a short time.  MMMMMMM they are good!  I highly recommend their Hawaiian BBQ wings or Terrokie wings.  The fries are good too.. they sweeten them.

We promised the kids that Sunday after church we would go out to eat as a family.  We had forgotten all about the pot luck fundraiser lunch being held after church for a needy family that goes to the food bank.  So we choose to eat at church and donate what we figured we would of spent on a dinner out with the kids.  I think I enjoyed lunch at church more than I would of at a restaurant anyway.

After church Josh wanted to do some shopping so we went to Target.  We eventually separated into the girls and the boys and looked independently from each other.  I don't like that but Josh hates how I stop and look down each isle and pick something up, look at it, admire it even if I don't want it or need it and then put it back.  He says I shop like my mother!! OUCH! It was a good thing he was not with in arms reach when he made that comment.  There wasn't much that I had planned on buying at Target.  I needed some basic house stuff like laundry soap and dish soap, but nothing fun.  I really didn't see anything I wanted or needed.  I did browse the microwaves and found one i wanted but had not figured on getting it.  I think it was funny that Josh saw the same microwave apart from me and later when we met back up in the store suggested we get it.  Our microwave died a few months back and you can imagine the pain in the butt living with out one after being dependant on one for so long.  Basically had to re-think how to cook all together lol. The Microwave we got I just love and am still reading the manual to figure out all the special features.  I defrosted ground turkey in it last night and Josh laughed at me for being so pleased by how good it worked. Yea, it is the little things that get me excited but this microwave also has the buttons hidden behind the door so the kids will leave them alone and a lock code to keep the door closed so they cant open it. It is stainless steel and I know that will be a pain to keep shinny but still ohhh so pretty.  Josh has declared he wants all stainless steel appliances now, but I fervently disagree with that idea!

The kids had to get valentines to share with their class today so ofcourse we got them that and Lilly and Sophia are playing with the extras, getting them all over the house, sticking the heart stickers they came with on everything.. lol.  After shopping I was beat.  Josh dropped me and the younger kids off at home and took Zane and Annie out.  Zane needed new shoes plus Josh wanted to pick me out a gift.  The girls helped me pick something out for him when we was at Target and I kept telling him DONT LOOK, TURN YOUR HEAD, as we checked out.

I should of set a spending limit for him when shopping for a gift for me but I didn't think of it at the time.  I spent maybe 20 bucks on the cute T-Shirt that said Hot Stuff and the boxer shorts that had American Chopper's bikes on them.  Something for him to lounge around the house in and fun to take off later lol. I told him he could get me a charm for the braclet I got from my mom for my birthday, since he didn't have a clue on what to get me.

Apparently he couldn't find the charms that goes to this particular bracelet anywhere.  He went to Kohl's where I thought mom had originally got it but they didn't have them.  He gave up and went to Best Buy.. and that is a dangerous place to let my husband go with a Tax Return check in the bank.

Guess what he got me....


No not Photo Shop Pro. LOL but he said he did look at it.

A very nice tripod for our digital camcorder, a cleaning kit, and a bigger batterey and a battery charger that has an adaptor for quick charging threw a car lighter.  I don't even want to look at the recipe  WHO IS THE ONE WHO WENT A BIG CRAZY WITH SPENDING???? lol

After he gave me all that Josh did ask if I would of preferred the pearl necklace he was looking at.  I told him HECK NO! I would of killed you!  As nice as that would of been, I am not a big jewelry kind of gal and see expensive pearls as kind of a waste, since I would hardly have a place to where them out to.  I am very happy with the video equipment since I know I will use that more often. What can I say, I am practical. 

A box of chocolate would of suited me just fine too.. since I am craving some so badly right now!!! 


  1. I love that you gave the money to a the boy for hte church thing. That is a good idea. hate Josh had to work. But you know hes thinking of you. Now that gift thtat was a good choice the camera stuff over the pearls. Much better memoeris for sure. Lori

  2. {{{{{ Mary }}}}}

    I love WingStop too!  My friend and her husband have one near me in Watauga, TX. My son and I were there this past Saturday. My favorite is the Lemon Pepper...I could eat those all night long....and I agree that touch of sweetness with the fries is delicious!