Monday, February 28, 2005

Night Terrors.

I was doing some random searches today for fun.  I entered in night terrors since apparently Phil, one of the main charters in my book has them.  I don't know what possessed me to write that in but it seemed fitting.  I thought it may be a good idea to go and look it up, research (ya like I am so smart).  Threw my reading I come to find out that night terrors is a very different thing from nightmares or bad dreams.  Here is a  helpful site that discuses the differences and more details about this sleeping disorder.

Night Terrors differs from nightmares because of the stage of sleep it takes place in and also typically the person will not remember the dream but wake up in a state of fear and not know why, with heart racing and hard to breath. Young children are the ones who normally suffer from night terrors but usually grow out of it but adults can have them too. There is no medical reason for it, at least not known of so far, yet from the reading I have done sounds like if you are plagued with them they will try to medicate you with antidepressants and put you in psychotherapy. Stress can bring them on or a displaced sleeping pattern.

This kind of squashed the idea I had for Phil but I can still work with this info and not offend people who really suffer from night terrors.

My question is have any of you ever had a night terror? Assuming you know what it is.. go read that site first before you answer.

I can say I have, here and there and I do remember having some as growing up.  Like waking up and sitting straight up in bed screaming and feeling so scared but having no clue what the dream was about.  I remember doing this once at a sleep over when I was about 11yrs old and scarring everyone in the bedroom.  I also remember doing this when I was a young adult and still living with my mom.  I had Zane and Josh and I still lived with her.  I just woke up and was so frightened, I just needed my mommy.. ya know?  lol I crawled in bed with her.  And recently this last year Josh asking why I was screaming in my sleep like that, or me just waking him up to hold me.  I know for a fact I have another sleeping disorder, the kind where you get stuck between waking up and sleeping.. but I wont go into that one here.  I am thankful I don't suffer often from night terrors, at least not enough to go to a doctor about it.  And Yes, I am one of those who sees things like this as spiritual warfare. I think demons are real and no joke.. but I don't have fear of them per say.. I know who's name I can call on and who has all the power and Authority  : )


  1. helpful sight. I've had nightmares but knew that's what they were. I'd hate to have night terrors. Didn't know such a thing existed. Learned something new, thanks to you. HEY! I'm a poet. lol  *Barb*

  2. yes I have done this and its very frieghtening. I ts like you cant calm yoru self becuase you do not know waht its is about. Lori