Friday, February 25, 2005

My husband.. a man of many talents : )

One of these days we will get the alarm clock setting right and figure out that there is a difference between a.m. and p.m.  Yes, Josh woke up late for school yesterday and thus he missed the whole day.  I am not even going to think about what that will mean and if apprentice school will be lenient or not. He officially has all the hours he needs to graduate but these classes are still required.

So having a day to kill and up and rearing to go he decided that yesterday was the day to play plumber.  Last week he installed a new shower head in both our bathrooms but the downstairs one seemed to have a leak.  I am hands off and know nothing of how any thing mechanical runs around here. He also decides to finally get to the bottom of what was stuck and stopping up the downstairs toilet.  I am ashamed to admit it but the toilet down there has been unusable for over a year now, we just leave it be and it leaves us be.

If you know me at all you know that we rent this house and are probably wondering why we just don't have the landlord handle all this. Yeah, that is a good question.  I think I have met our landlord all of once. We pretty much do all our business with his office assistant, who I just love.  Real estate is just a side thing for him, he is a successful sod farmer among other things. His family name is known all over our little city, thus I am not mentioning it.  The last time we asked to have any work done around here he sent out a guy who knew nothing about nothing and only put a band aid on the problem.  Since then we have worked out a deal that if something needs to be done around here Josh does it and what ever the expense is gets taken off rent.  That is a good deal to me, if my husband has the time to do the work that needs to be done.

He worked all day down stairs and a horrible smell started to drift up the stairs.  It was nasty! I lit candles and open the windows and turned a fan on.  After he took the toilet outside he asked me to mop up down there while he was at the hardware store.  It wasn't too big of a mess, but the smell. Oh man.. I threw up the diet soda that I had just drank.  I don't know witch was more gross, the smell or the gagging and the barfing. I also think I used too much bleach so that smell on top of the other smells almost made being in the house unbearable.  Note to self.. get a new mop head today.

But all is right today and we now are leakless and have a second toilet functioning in our happy home of six, where a second bathroom is not just a luxury but a must. The culprit for the stopped up toilet.. the center cilendar roll thing for the t.p. holder.  I am thinking it was either Sophia or Lilly to blame for that.  But it is too late to yell at them for something that happen so long ago.

 I wasn't even going to note this occurrence but I just received a call from our water company.  The lady was concerned over our water usage saying that the meter was just read and according to their records it was much higher than it was this time last year.  She suggested that we check for a running toilet or other leaks and also asked if there was an increase in our household that would maybe account for the extra water usage. Great, now our bill is going to be huge.  How long did we have that leak??!  This also reminds me to have Josh work on the upstairs toilet that also acts funny when you flush it. It runs and the floater thing is sensitive.  It will flush once and you expect the toilet to fill back up. Go to flush it again and nothing, you have to wait for the tank to fill back up.  Ever heard of the rule, if it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down??? LMBO.  We all know what Josh's next Honey-Do List project is going to be.


  1. You're so cute sometimes, the way you express yourself. Love the little graphics. Poor Josh. Nothing a guy loves more than working on toilets. lol Hugs, love and always my prayers. *Barb*

  2. OH man that is a good deal on ther ent. But yoru right time and money to fix off the bat is ahrd also. Til you get your rent deducted. Gee whiz get one toilet fixed tehother is messing up> I was told not to use today toilet paper in toilets it stopps things up. Thei new soft stuff is hard on it. SO we trash it all with a lid. I notices my toilte flushes better now. How is it going sinec Josh had that hing happne where he missed that class or was later. Have htey settled taht and go thitngs straightend out. Lori