Saturday, February 26, 2005

Zane.. Boy Genius!

Well at least in my eyes.. and he has test scores to prove that he is at least above average.   According to last year's TerraNova scores he scored better than 92% of students in the nation.  Ok ok.. I know.. not nice to gloat.  But I did just finish sending off his application to Duke's TIP program. I thank the Divine Mrs Vivian for talking about it in her journal some time last year, that is how I heard about it and have been waiting and waiting for application time.  I am excited to see if he gets in.

But that is not what I came here to write about today.  He not only looks good on paper but he has practical uses around the house too. LOL  Yesterday after I finished doing the online application for TIP I left the computer on (when is the computer not on anymore around here?) and went about doing other things around the house.  Annie went onto and was playing around a bit until I told her to get off and get cleaning that mess she calls a room. I think Sophia or Lilly saw their big sis could play at the computer and had the idea they could too... with out ME.. you can imagine the mess they could make of my computer by just typing and clicking at random.  I came back to my computer screen looking like this:


Not too bad except the tool bar was moved!!! How did they do that!!! I spent quiet a while trying to figure out how to move it.  I asked a friend online if that had ever happen to her and she said ya but she couldn't figure out how to put it back either. Here I thought I was very computer savvy and I can't even put the tool bar back to it's proper place!! But I don't feel soo dumb.. Rach couldn't figure it out either (haha) she said she did a system restore to move it back.  I groaned at that thought because I had just done an update and didn't want to go threw all that trouble.  I left it alone for today to figure out.  Like my wall paper??? I was missing the snow when I had put it up. That is the view from outside our front window. I think it's almost time to change it again.

Anyway, Zane asked me today what happen to the computer, why did I move the tool bar.  I was very annoyed and said I didn't do it, but your sisters did somehow and I can't fix it. He said all nonchalant.. I know how and with a click of the mouse bamb!

Back to normal view.  Who knew that you could move the tool bar by dragging it with the mouse????!!! NOT ME!

Just more proof that my son is awesome and I don't know what I am going to do with out him when he grows up and moves away to Oxford.


  1. i knew you could move it with this toolbar, but when i did it, i just keep screwing it up more. so i got pissed and in went my installation cd that solves all problems. :o)

  2. Yeah neat how simple that is to do. I had that happen one time and drove me nuts it being sideways like that. The4n it happend to my mom too. Congtrats to ZANE  pray for Rachel she is suppose to take hre CNA class today its two and half months you are not suppose to miss any but when Tracy who is taking it went and told her that it was comingout both ends non stop she said she would elt her make it up !!!!!!!! WHOO but she cant miss any more. Todds bday is monday and he is dancing with some men tomrrow and Rachael wanted t go see it. Lori