Friday, February 11, 2005

Will you help me get the word out??

What was supposed to be a simple project of me making a web page to display a graphic I made from the Silent No More Gathering has snow balled into several web pages linked together and more work to be done still.  I have put my heart into these pages and my prayer is it will help some one, some where who is hurting or knows some one who is hurting because of abortion.  I have a bit more tweaking to do to it but it is suitable for viewing as is now.

I scraped the other web page that was non AOL I had shared the other day.  I just didn't like the feel of it, but it was a nice set up.  I like to keep all my pages in one place and on AOL so it is easier for me to remember all the passwords and bla bla ba.  I have learned that when you go to save a page and the system claims your FTP space is full, the thing is lying lol and if you press save a few more times it will go threw.  I deleted my Jem Fan screen name and made a new one dedicated to this topic called PostAbortiveHelp and under that screen name I made the new web pages.

I am asking you all who agree with me that abortion hurts women if you would please pimp out this site on your journals, speak of it in an entry, put it in your links section, send it to some one you know who needs to see it, what ever you can do I would really really appreciate it!

Start To Heal After Abortion

Also check it out and judge it for me.  Please point out any misspellings or dead links or suggestions on how to make it a better site.  It is a work in progress and it will not hurt my feelings if you point out an error.  I know there are many sites out there on this topic but I don't think there can be too many, do you?

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!


Believe it or not there are other things going on in my life besides this topic lol.  Annie went back to school today and is nit free.  Our Federal Income Tax Return came today! So I have been all over town paying off my bills.  My phone bill is all paid off so no more worries about my DSL being cut off. Rent is paid! Water and Lights are all caught up.  I still have to pay the gas bill but I can do that one over the phone.  It feels so good to have those all paid up to date. 

$1,498.81 lighter will mybank account be by the end of the night after all those bills are paid.  That is not quite half of our return but still a big ouch when I sit and look at it.  I still have to do some major stocking up grocery shopping even though I just went this week, I only got the bare basics. I need to get Zane new shoes (they are holey), make Josh pay off that stupid credit card he got and used and pay for that satellite TV, and I am sure he is going to be sinking some more money in to his truck.  I also need to find out where to get my drivers licence renewed(Yes I still have to do that.. Yes I have been driving around on an expired one.. yes we need to get insurance on the truck too) We also have to pay for Cub Scout camp for this summer for Zane and Josh to go and see what our balance is for 5th grade camp for the school next year.  Our new found riches is dwindling down fast!  My hope of getting my dental issues worked on is also sinking.  Ofcourse I did not have them set that high so it is not that far of a fall lol.  But at least we are not so deep in the financial hole and I don't have to worry about utilities being turned off or us getting kicked out of our house.

OMG that reminds me.. I was reading the paper yesterday, well Josh pointed it out (shocking I know, me read the news paper?) a house just down the street from me.. less than five minutes away... was busted for being a Meth Lab!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Upty Up O'Fallon has Meth Labs!  As the news paper pointed out Meth Labs are a big problem in our state but are normally thought of to be in far out there rural areas but NOPE they are a local problem too.  Do you know once a house has been used as a Meth Lab it is unlivable and has to be torn down and disposed of like you would toxic waste?! Also they are highly flammable.  Reading this article makes me go hummmmmmmm... Over the last 2years we have lived in this house we have had a few "characters" come knocking on our door every now and then looking for some one who they thought lived here.  I just assumed they wanted the old residence but one guy (with many piercing's,deadlocked hair and tattoos) had told me he had just gotten the directions so he must of written them wrong. Could these people been looking for that Meth Lab house and came to mine by mistake?!!  You have to understand I live in one of the older houses out here but this is a growing affluent area in my opinion, not the inner city St Louis ghetto we moved out of.  When I think of St. Charles County, I don't think Drug Houses but Mini Mansions and BMW's and good schools. I guess I am not too surprised but just a bit chilling that is all.

Any who.. Go and pimp my new web page link!!! : )

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  1. Please if I dont remember ( I got brain freeze after this whole entire week ) t do it sunday feel free to remind me for the j land novel and my journal. Hey I got my fed intoday too> YIPPEEEEEEEEEE Now comes the remodeling i dont want to yet tackle. LOL Glad your keeping your dsl. !!!!!!! Lori