Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another sad day in America

I have stayed out of the debate about Terry but just know I am very sad today when I found out that she had finally died.  It disgusts me to no end that she was starved to death when there were those willing to take care of her.  America.. take a long good look at this case.. it could be you in the future.

I don't know where Terry was with the Lord and I am one who thinks we never know what happens the last few seconds before death or even in this case if she had internal conversations with God and couldn't voice what she was thinking out loud.  But again this is a reminder.. tomorrow is promised to NO BODY.. choose today whom you will serve.


  1. WEll when I read HE that man would not even let Terri s parents in the room during her last moments that tells me this that i knew. You see being abused I see in a mans eyes if he is one. I told Todd for years that this one guy was and everyone thoguht him a good old boy. NOTHING he did ever said that. HIs wife and he seemed happy. two years later we found the truth. Smae has happend manytimes. Well years ago when i first heard this  I was on his side. A husband is hte head you know. But I Looked inhis eyes and I knew and I felt maybe he did not have her best interest !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am sad too, as many others are. I was telling my Johnny how a criminal who has murdered others gets to be put to sleep, suffering not at all. And this poor woman, well, it leaves me speechless. If it hurts me I can only imagine what GOD must feel.
    Hugs, hon. *Barb*

  3. Mary, I agree totally. Many prayers for her family. So sad. God bless, Beckie

  4. this was a very thing indeed.......starved to death?  the word cruel does pop into my mind.  i read your last few entries......trying to play catch up...haven't been back in the spin of things too long, ya know. i know i am suffering from a state of depression w/ all the things that seem to be going on in my life and alot of it is out of my hands, so to speak. and i am sad to admit that my house work has suffered and it is b/c i can't seem to find the motivation or energy to get it done.  thanks for your comments in my always, you  have been a huge help to me....or comfort, i guess is better the word. btw....i think prozac is very overrated in america, too.

  5. At this time, I believe prayers are needed for the family.  This has been very sad and I too have stayed out of this debate in my journal - despite my strong feelings on this subject.  It was indeed a very sad day for the family and for our nation. I hope this will serve as a wake up call for us.