Thursday, March 10, 2005

Harsh yes but a good kick in the butt I think is sometimes called for.

I won't go into all the details but know this, I tried to be as loving and understanding as the situation called for.  This person was inconsolable and just giving up on life.  When some ones says don't bother praying for me or pray for me to die soon because life is just too hard or God has turned a death ear to my prayers and has forsaken me and I give up on him,it kind of hits me in the pit of my stomach.  What does it take for some one to walk away from God? How can someone who claims to know the Lord and all his promises and has served him for years choose to walk away and prefer to wallow in self and prefers to be miserable?  Just because he hasn't answered just the way and when we wanted does not mean he has ceased to care or love you.  I understand there are situations that happen in our lives it may seem hopeless but isn't the whole message that God gives us is about HOPE and Love and Peace? To not look at things with the natural eyes but the spiritual, to TRUST him with all things even when our feelings are telling us otherwise?  Faith is NOT about feelings.  Our feelings change day to day but God, he never does.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Oh well, I did what I felt called to do and I only feel worth posting my last reply to this person as more of a reminder to myself.  If I ever get to this point please tell me the same and kick me in the butt or give me a good smack..........

You know you are sounding like my 3yrd child throwing a temper tantrum because she didn't get what she wanted just when and the way she wanted it.  "Mom I hate you, I don't love you no more, you don't love me or else you would do things my way"  Does this have any effect on me getting her what she wanted any faster? No.  Does she mean what she said, No.  Do I still love her and provide for her needs, yes.  And the same is true with God and you.  I would think some one who has been a Christian as long as you have said would be a bit more mature in their faith.  Grow up, stop whinny because life is not as you expected it to be and trust Daddy to take care of you.  NO one said it was going to be easy and everything go just as YOU want it to.  It is not all about you, it is His plan for your life, he knows what he is doing. You say you just want to curl up and die, how selfish is that? What about your son? Think it will be any easier forhim with you gone?  You know that is not true.  It would break his heart and he needs his mother around for a long time.  I understand things are hard but you are not alone and he has not abandoned you. He has heard your prayers but just because he has not answered them just how you wanted or in a timely manor does not mean he does not care.  His timing is perfect.  Go ahead and wallow in self and choose to be miserable.  Because it is a choice.. attitude is a choice just like walking in the Spirit or the Flesh is a choice. Just like choosing to listen to God or Satan is a choice.  


 Please keep this person in prayer.  God knows who it is and all the details and what the needs are.

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  1. I know how people can get in that palce. I never understood it when I was in my 20's and even 30's But now I understand it more and more. STILL a kick now and again helps wake up alot  if its done in love. But I have had times that is really not done right or who knows maybe its me and it makes things worse. But I am sure you hae done this ina godly way to them. Maybe a personal chat woudl help. Lori