Friday, March 4, 2005

Silent No More Awarnes March 05 E-Letter, a lot of info in this letter, check it out.

March 4, 2005

Dear Silent No More Awareness Friends,

Having just viewed DVD’s from three of the Gatherings that happened in January, we write to you
with grateful hearts for all of you who are silent no more! Your testimonies are powerful and filled
with God’s love and grace. We’ve also been getting emails from many (as far as Australia) who
heard our message and are now looking to connect with abortion recovery help. When the truth is
spoken, God uses it to minister to the broken hearted.

Here’s a snapshot of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign activity for January 2005.

-We had a total of 166 people share their testimony, including 6 men. There were 21
Gatherings in 17 states with approximately 2800 people stopping to listen to our stories.

-The Campaign aired our commercials in Madison, WI, Phoenix, AZ, Minneapolis, MN,
Pittsburgh, PA and now the commercial is showing in a movie theater in Iowa City, IA. We
also placed print ads in the Weekly Standard, the Washington Times and the Washington
Times weekly edition in January.

-37 articles about the Campaign were in newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle,
The Epoch Times, Seattle Times, National Catholic Register, AP News, The Daytona Beach
News Journal, American Prospect Magazine, Richmond Times Dispatch, Talon News,
Catholic World News, and and approximately 41 radio and
television interviews were done by Jennifer O’Neill, Dr. Alveda King, Janet Morana and
Georgette on shows such as Radio America, Cornerstone Television, Bloomberg Radio, the
Laura Ingram Show, BET, O’Reilly Factor, ABC-TV, C-Span, Hannity & Colmes, and EWTN.

-NOEL (one of the Campaign sponsors) has excerpts from Emily’s Blog, which provided a
description of our presence at the March for Life in Washington, DC - on the website, you
can read it at: - most recent newsletter.

-Finally, a contract to have Campaign billboards throughout Los Angeles during the entire year
was signed.

The Campaign is growing at a rapid rate and we had over 150 people register to be silent no
more at our website in January.  Welcome to you all! To help in managing our growth while
being consistent in ministry we are developing Regional Coordinators (RC’s) throughout the
country. We will list each RC on our website with their local contact information. RC’s will
organize Gatherings in January and September, plus network locally. We believe the more
people can connect at the local level, the more personalized our connections will be. If you’re
interested in becoming an RC, please email Georgette at

To help the RC’s network in their area we would like to share your name, email and phone
number with them only. The RC’s will maintain your privacy but we want them to be able to
connect directly with you. If you do NOT want us to share your personal contact information with
them, please send Sheila an email at , noting that you do NOT want
your info shared; she will add that info to our database records.

We would like to begin posting all the places where you will be silent no more! So if you will be
sharing your testimony - please send us the information and we’ll post it on our website event list.
Please send basic information such as date, time, location, local contact info and your name to:

In addition to posting your silent no more activities, we’d like to invite you to submit your
testimony so we can post it on our website. The testimony should be no more than a page and a
half long and should include a title and your signature name. It should include the same basics as
your testimony and we’ve included that info at the end of this letter! Please submit the testimonies
to . We will edit for grammar and length!

A unique opportunity to be silent no more and raise money to air the commercials is now
available - Julie Shockley and her husband were looking to be silent no more and came up with a
creative way using Ebay! Now they want to share the idea with you - so you can do the same.
Please visit our website, and go to "What You Can Do to be
Silent No More" - Julie’s story can be clicked on - on the right.

Here are three additional opportunities to be silent no more!

-The Pro-Life Legal Defense Fund based in Boston, Massachusetts is looking for women to
help in a Supreme Court brief that several of their members are working on. They need:

1. Women who were headed into an abortion clinic when they received pro-life
information that changed their mind, or
2. Women who had an abortion because they didn't receive such information.

If you have had either experience, you can make a statement against the "buffer zone"
around clinics which prevents women from receiving the facts they need. If you are interested
or would like more information, please contact Colbe at , or call after 4 at
617-569-4570. The brief must be filed by March 8.

-Kelly Aquilon from British Columbia, Canada is compiling a book that features letters to our
children. If you’d like to submit a letter, please contact her at or 250-

-Madeline Nugent from Providence, RI., is updating a book she wrote in 1991, entitled "Having
You’re Baby When Others Say No" and she needs stories from those who dealt with adverse
diagnosis that prompted doctors to encourage termination of the pregnancy. If you are
interested in submitting your story, call or email: 401-849-5421,

We are so excited about the growth and development of the Campaign to raise awareness about
abortion’s adverse affects on women, men, children and society. It is an honor to work with you
all on this effort and as our new RC for Montana, Susan Gliko said in an email...Silent No More
Awareness gives voice to the truth of abortion -- in hopes of making abortion better than just
illegal -- making abortion unthinkable.

Continue to be bold, courageous and silent no more!

Georgette Forney
Silent No More Awareness Campaign
President, NOEL
(800) 707-6635

Janet Morana
Silent No More Awareness Campaign
Associate Director, Priests for Life
(888) PFL-3448

Here are some basic tips for writing your testimony

-Start with a longer version and ‘boil it down’ to a page version.
-Be sure each version contains these keys components:

1. Why you chose abortion (who was involved)

2. What the actual experience of abortion and the clinic were like (Comfortable?
Humiliated? Informed?)

3. Its affects on you immediately as well as long-term (Relief? Promiscuity? Alcohol or drug
abuse? Nightmares? Suicide attempts? Relationship troubles?)

4. Your healing and forgiveness experience.

-Use short, impact statements. They are memorable.
-Have a friend who can pray for you while you prepare it.
-Read your statement out loud several times; then read it to a friend.

-Make sure the following questions are answered in your testimony:

a) I am speaking to you today because...
b) I decided to get an abortion because...
c) I was told (fill in the blank) at the clinic but what I realize now is...
o The most important thing about abortion that I think people/women need to know


  1. sounds like it was a success. Lori

  2. Powerful letter. Thank you for sharing it. *Barb*